Review: Mazda CX-5 SKYACTIV-D 2.2 AT AWD – the summit and beyond

The absence of a compact SUV in the portfolio of any automaker would now probably equal to its rapid demise. Such risk could not afford even the Japanese automaker Mazda that in the middle of last year introduced to the Czech market an entirely new model CX-fifth It has customers attract pleasing, but unobtrusive design, advanced technology SKYACTIV and not least, the acceptable price. The editorial test, we were given a version with all-wheel drive, supreme diesel unit and the highest gear Revolution .


The shapes of the car underwent a new design philosophy Kodo , which over time can be found in all newly manufactured models automaker Mazda. 4.5 meter long SUV is characterized by an aggressive nose with distinctly shaped headlights, a massive grille and front bumper high established. Czech importer equipped test CX-5 additional diode daytime running lights, which are located very low. An interesting detail is the chrome strip that runs along the lower edge of the grille and smoothly follows the bi-xenon headlight.

The total power of the vehicle excelling especially in a side view. Designers used simultaneously to avoid the “Korean” excesses and suggested the classic concept SUV with a relatively small glass area. I find very attractive massive fenders, large mirrors and windows negative slope in the C-pillar. Practical issues are deep beneath the car elongated side door. This solution has the effect of keeping clean the inner Prague under any conditions.

Elegant rear 1,840 mm wide Mazda pleases low loading sill and large end headlamps. Very impressive consider two tailpipes, elegant wing to reduce aerodynamic drag and optional bar at the bottom of the bumper. This comes in handy when worming varied terrain, where they painted body parts very quickly suffer extensive damage.

Kodo design philosophy here has achieved a perfect result. I appreciate the great balance of all three main dimensions, making the whole car looks incredibly powerfully and through the front height also meets the high requirements for pedestrian safety. Great affection for the automobile evinced by the owners themselves, which is increasing rapidly.

The interior

Already at the first sit down in the interior, I came to a number of pleasant surprises. While all the competition is betting on more spatial representation of the instrument panel Mazda CX-5 holds good old concept of the vertical center console and lower center tunnel. The result is more space for the driver and front passenger, allowing together with a higher position behind the steering wheel to the royal comfort. This does not mean that you do Mazda CX-5 climbing the ladder. Paradoxically, despite the smaller glass body you have a perfect view of what is happening around the car, the driver can not even surprisingly massive A-pillars.

Another surprise is the ease with which the dashboard conceived. Mazda interiors always knew how, with the previously tested “troika” However, the driver sometimes lost in the clutter of buttons on the center console. CX-5 is in respect of such pioneering brand as it does not offer more than what the driver and co-driver really need. The residue important controls ducked into the bowels of the information system with TomTom which can control either the buttons around a small screen or intelligent control knob between the front seats. This is strikingly similar to the system iDrive BMW logic control is very different.

Povedeným shape for a three-spoke steering wheel, I immediately found the perfect location to sit. Lack of space in the elbows and knees will not suffer even a very mature character and even when traveling in the rear seats. Here, despite the relatively small entrance area started pleasantly, for which we can thank the wide-opening rear doors. However, although the Mazda CX-5 conceived for five passengers, instead of in the middle is more of an emergency. That is why I have appreciated the opportunity to tilt dimensional armrests, which conceals the holder for two PET bottles of 0.5 liter.

The compact SUV owners use their vehicles only to represent and occasional trips off the paved road, but especially for a family that puts great emphasis on the trunk. Suitcase CX-5 please low loading edge and the basic volume 503 l . By simply passing the rear seat backrests to level the volume suddenly increases to 1620 l , which is for most Czech cottagers sufficient. With its height of 190 cm I would, however, like to see a larger opening angle tailgate trunk. Thanks to its clumsiness, I had countless times during test week head slammed into her castle.


The test car was underhood two four-cylinder turbocharged diesel unit volume of 2.2 liters, a maximum power of 129 kW and a torque of 420 Nm. At this stage, I usually began to devote consumption, transmission and refinement. It would, however, not allowed to run into one big BUT! Indeed diesel engine is labeled SKYACTIV-D , which it in relation to the competition builds on the current top Czech market.

Firstly, we have extremely low Compression ratio 14.0: 1 , which enable engineers to better timing of the combustion process. Lowering the compression ratio decreases pressure and temperature in the cylinders, which zdelšuje combustion of fuel injected and thus increasing its usage. For the actual combustion of the fuel occurs while up to TDC, resulting in greater efficiency of the engine SKYACTIV in relation to the units with a higher compression ratio. The proof of this let him be compared to the older unit MZR-CD , which showed the same displacement volume 20% higher fuel consumption. SKYACTIV works .

Even the best engine but may be totally drowned transmission. Fortunately, this is not the case of the Mazda CX-5, which are hidden next to his “sky” goodies. The new automatic transmission SKYACTIV-Drive bet on the classic torque converter, behavior, however closer to tupňovými two cabinets. The first three of a six gears are relatively short, which allows for quick take-offs of intersections and maximum utilization of power and torque. The remaining transfers are long, but not unnecessarily. With advanced electronics rather lower transmission keeps the engine speed, thus reducing fuel consumption. If necessary, the sudden acceleration is able to subordinate transmission and a two speed stages and because of the double supercharging unequally large turbochargers feel virtually linear sweep.


Average interested in SUV does in terms of driving experience not excessive demands. In the car must fit, must have great fuel consumption and must offer enough space for small items and a large trunk. But they are the ones driving experience that rivals in the Mazda CX-5 and somehow not.

CX-5 did not lose on the natural sportiness and offers its siblings in this respect quite a bit. Very quickly I got used to perfect the management is great booster set a good feedback to the class unimaginable proportions chassis and great driving comfort. Unfortunately, the competition does not offer such a balanced ratio of all three aforementioned elements.

The first kilometers of driving on the highway leading to Mlada Boleslav, except where I wind noise from the door mirrors noticed one disturbing element. The engine speed is the speed of 130 km / h scattered about 2,400 per minute, and the fuel consumption was stabilized after a short time of 6.7 l / 100 km. In addition, a long trip more enjoyable excellent Bose audio with nine speakers, which instantly transforms the vehicle interior into a concert hall.

After the exit on the county road I could, I tried the genuine sporty character which is Mazda’s own. They were pleased virtually unnoticeable body roll when cornering, excellent filtering inequality despite using 19 “alloy wheels and excellent seats with sufficient lateral support. Finally, someone heard the prayers of all sports-drivers and in the design manual mode automatic transmission thinking head. Upshift toward downshifting and apart, is logical and fully replaces the lack of paddles. I can not complain at all-wheel drive. The process adds rear axle really quickly and imperceptibly, which I very much appreciated on snowy roads. In addition, Mazda has not been tested Union also received overly wide tires (225/55 R19), so I was even in the snow felt like I rode the rails.

In city traffic, the Mazda CX-5 retains its sophistication. Nicely tuned transmission with a creep avoid flicker in the columns, in the engine low speed practically do not. Even under the threat of future lynching would run its lightness compared to the aggregate 20d BMW . Now in city mode also take advantage of the system i-stop , which switches off the engine when stopped at intersections. It is very smart and will not allow the engine to switch off earlier until you really neprohřeje. The control unit also monitors the current setting of an air conditioner or heater bands seats, and until it is all according to the passengers, let the engine continues to run. In Prague, i-stop system you use often and appreciate the item onboard computer, which measures the time that the engine has not been running. Re-starting the same time is not only by releasing the brake pedal, but also at greater steering angle. In city traffic, I measured consumption of 7.5 l / 100 km. It is indeed a liter more than the manufacturer, but should take into account the bitter winter frosts.


Mazda CX-5 engine with Skyacive-D and automatic transmission me managed perfectly during the test week gain. At an affordable price of the basic model offers exceptional driving skills, which draws on an outstanding chassis, top management and precise shifting. Although the test piece pushes its price up to 900 000, – CZK worth it. The maximum equipment Revolution because his crew pampers comfortable heated seats, multimedia center with an intuitive control system, Blind Spot, Pre-Crash system and an excellent Bose apparatus. After previewing tables in German and Korean competition, however, with prices similar to equip not only compare, but even speaks in favor of the Mazda CX-5, which is in my opinion the rightful leader neprémiovými cars in its segment.

The basic price of the car: 838 900, – CZK

The price of a particular car: 896,721 – CZK


– Design

– cockpit

– trunk

– processing quality

– perfect control, chassis, shifting

– Rich equipment

– comfort on long journeys

– Bose audio

– intuitive multimedia system


– small opening angle of the tailgate

– low mounted LED daytime running

Compare the parameters of the Mazda CX-5 with its competitors

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