Review: Land Rover Discovery 3.0 TDV6 E – Swiss knife in English with

The fact that this car I liked, you could read in our paper a trip to Jaguar Land Rover in the Austrian Alps . But what will not fit into the article, was impressed on me what this car left and the associated access and from JLR to customer . At the end of the trip I did not want to part with Discovery and friendliness thanks to automakers was lent to me on the weekend, for which they thank you very much .


With this year took place i minor facelift , which is not fundamentally different from the previous model. Hallmark are black taillights and trifles, which when in normal view even notice. Greater intervention in appearance are not desirable because of the clear direction given automakers. The majestic appearance of gives attention to the road and the other car stands out thanks to a subtle blue Loire Blue. Left the enhanced detail of the roof at the rear. In recent years, will increase diminished , but every centimeter counts in the interior.

The interior

Even though it was Discovery of the basic version , certainly not offended. Land Rover describes it more like a job, but you will find comfortable heated leather seats and many chrome accessories. For example, the dashboard is a half of plastic, which is good and nevrže, the second part is covered in leather, which you will find on the door. Driving position ergonomics is a nice , and all controls are easily accessible. Everything is clearly divided and in place. Speaking of different buttons, knobs and switches I have to commend the were taken from a sedan and you do not have to press with surgical precision. They are large and well controlled heavy gloves . It is the same with the driver’s steering wheel, which fits well in the hand.

Practical are Two glove box at the bottom is a large storage space and can be found on the top USB and AUX output . Between the seats can be found under the armrest another big box , which can accommodate larger objects. Handy is the dividing cover for small items such as mobile phone or key. Multimedia devices is easy and intuitive. In the test speed and ease phone connection without manual , stand up no problem. His response might be faster, but over competing cars it is not essential. Audio system a high-quality speech .

Rear seat space is more than enough and even figures about two meters in height are not claustrophobic. Getting in will not make the problem even older people because of the height of the car. Trunk a capacity of 1260 l is possible with a simple folding rear seats increased up to 2558 l . Also, you can use it for another two full seats. Split rear doors with comfortable seating we’ve known from the Range Rover.

Engine and chassis

We tested Discovery had a three-liter six-cylinder engine with the designation TDV6 . It is the weaker of the two offered aggregates with power 211 hp , and a torque of 520 Nm providing car weighing 2508 kg good dynamics. Since it is possible for Discovery connect truck with cargo weighing up to 3,500 kilograms , I’d probably vote for a stronger variant of 255 horses. This is not to say that it would not make the engine tested. Its torque is sufficient, but more powerful engine is always welcome. Average consumption ranged around 10 l / 100 km , but it must be stressed that it was a catch the car that had traveled less than 3000 km , so that consumption would eventually dropped . Eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle on the steering wheel has a very smooth operation. Shifting can be recognized only by the tachometer. Absence plucking unwanted really surprised me . Works very well even at low speeds in the field and willingly cooperates s assistant for the descent down the hill .


Coexistence with the Land Rover Discovery very good is “ Swiss knife in the English style .” Perhaps you will be interested in the price that starts at CZK 1,160,269 and ends at 1,736,955 (before you begin to choose equipment). If you feel the price is a little higher, I Discovery uncompromisingly defend . For your money because you get a versatile car that can handle all situations , which will meet on your travels. On the road ride is comfortable and keeps a lot of love even in the corners. In the field passes through the individual modes high snow Ford 70 cm deep trench (60 cm in the case of coil springs), exiting icy hill muddy trails , sandy plain, while electronic controlled Congress safely subdues descent that would otherwise fall sick.

I myself tried icy hill with potholes mud and snow-conquer myself, and probably would not end well. The interior is tough, practical and at first glance, well done. Thanks to the up to seven seats and a large luggage compartment is practical and diesel and economical . Moreover, it is representative and majestic as the woods and in front of the National Theater. Further, when buying any car Land Rover you will get a voucher for the Land Rover expirience where you instructors will show you all the car can do and how to correctly use (for your safety show only 70% of the potential but it also makes a big impression). The final verdict? I yearn to own .

The price of the test car: 1,260,699, – CZK


– price

– handling

– ability in the field

– practicality

– processing quality

– representative appearance

– engine and transmission


– slower response at full throttle

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