Review: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2.8 CRD – The legend continues

There are very few cars with a price tag of up to one million crowns that the road aroused much attention as the majestic Jeep Wrangler in the five-door version Unlimited . But the price has to think of him otherwise than in connection with the life of kilometers away from civilization?


Wrangler, successor of legendary model Willys looks really excellently. Angular shapes body strangely attracted more attention than the refined curves of Italian beauties. There is unusual bulging fenders, massive side sills and the main feature of this model – round headlights and seven vertical fins.

Before us additionally worth just common version, but a special anniversary edition of 70th Anniversary Editions . In comparison to standard differs entry guards polished aluminum, 18-inch wheels, dark green seats shade Dark Olive partly perforated leather with Chestnut stitching door armrests and the armrest on the center console in the skin < em> Dark Olive . Chestnut color is also found on the steering wheel and floor mats. Anyway – Wrangler does not belong to Paris, but the terrain and exactly that and looks. No unnecessary frills, everything is subordinate to function. And no matter whether it is a pair of plastic holders front bonnet, front bumper and huge massive door handle.

The interior

What to say about the interior? To be honest, so I waited for him much worse. Ergonomics vehicle designers have mastered to perfection, as well as drivers will be pleased leather steering wheel comes from the model < strong> Grand Cherokee . Functionally, the vehicle can also reproach. The pleasant atmosphere ensures excellent air conditioning and radio. Ride more enjoyable cruise.

The fact that you’re sitting in orthodox Off-Road and not in the ordinary SUV, but it will be obvious at first glance. The front passenger seat is sturdy handle, which we very much like to welcome the ground and can not leave unnoticed or protective frame of the massive pipe wrapped in a very pleasing packaging. The frame, however, in terms of security imperative, because in our case we only overhead removable plastic roof, which would be the passengers in the event of a rollover protect in any case could not.

One of the few criticisms aimed at the textile straps that hold the door open on the site. California farmer probably appreciate that you just take off the straps, unscrew a few screws on the hinges, the door to throw into the barn and set out to explore their fields. I do not mind that the door could not stay in place, so I’m standing at the car tilted to one side had the impression that the doors off the hinges either rip or permanently closed. Nevertheless, this detail with respect to the overall usability absolutely tiny.


Luggage space of 498 liters in the basic configuration can be reached through a double lid, the bottom of which opens to the side. Then top up classic. For all the The optional hard-top at a price of 47,000, after which somewhat laborious removal of the vehicle becomes a genuine convertible. The first kilometers are indeed a real experience, but you can not get on the dirt road to the Wrangler does epicenter sandstorms.

The engine and the driveability

The drive we tested version handles four-cylinder diesel CRD from the Italian company VM MOTOR , a displacement of 2.8 liters and a decent 147 kW at 3600 rpm. Noteworthy also is certainly worth a torque of 460 Nm, available from 1,600 rpm. The drive unit in this case is connected to a five-speed automatic, which is more than well aligned. Only occasionally very calmly responds to the driver’s needs agile acceleration.

Wrangler is also newly offered with six-cylinder petrol Pentastar with a displacement of 3.6 liters with an output of 209 kW is also associated with a five-speed automatic. It’s worth thinking about it at all? For myself, I must say that I was about to consumption, which would practically never went below 12 liters per 100 kilometers, hardly reconciled. Nor should we tested versions races Economy Run too ended gloriously. With sensitive handling and highway transfers at speeds up to 100 km / h, we got to about 8.5 liters / 100 km. And how is it at all Wrangler terms of driveability?

Although it might seem that more than two-ton vehicle on the road will move with the dexterity of a newborn hippo, the opposite is true. My opinion is shared extra time needed to overcome stokilometrovou speed at which the peace reached in 10.7 seconds. Maximum speed of 172 km / h , however, is rather theoretical value. For all resistors can ride in the lead with a huge front surface combined with an absolutely tragic drag coefficient. Its a bit to the mill also added a great susceptibility to crosswinds and second all-season tires. You’re in extreme situations like a whistle. Failed its owner, however, leave and during braking will do a very good job. In this case it is worth mentioning the brake applied, which even after repeated braking just never wilt and can stop a vehicle at a surprisingly short distance.

Driving with hydraulic power steering and the worm gear is exactly what you would expect in the car. While offering a certain amount of feedback, but not to please someone offroadům own accord in the proceedings, with which you especially at higher speeds, sometimes literally washed. Yet, sitting in heavy vehicle resembling a box in front of you and you have my grunting very sophisticated four-cylinder diesel engine driving the Wrangler is very cool and addictive.

In the field, the gentleman

The steel ladder frame a combination of a pair of rigid axle ensures exceptional qualities of the car, which during our test withstood perfectly all the pitfalls that we have before the car was built and it was not matter whether it was a trip up the hill on the wet grass, descending a steep slope or a plethora of forest roads seven regions where we visited.

The centerpiece of field skills, the lever to the left of the driver an automatic transmission where you can choose one of three possible drives. Under normal conditions, the driven rear axle to which it is possible to connect the front due to the lack of differential mezinápravovému only hard. The worst conditions, slippery terrain, sand or snow can then shed request reduction ratio 2.72: 1st

Yet the ground is hard to get into a situation that would Wrangler not consulted. The lion’s share of the construction of a car with a very decent ground clearance and large applicable angles. The approach angle is 37.8 to 38 degrees, the crossing angle of 20 to 21.2 degrees and the departure angle from 29.8 to 31.7 degrees. Just for comparison add that field very capable SUV Mitsubishi Outlander < / a> , whose test we brought you last week, they have inertia angles of 21 °. About this crossing due to the ride height of the car is better not even mention.


Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is absolutely phenomenal car. That’s what he can do in the field is almost unimaginable, and surprisingly do not get lost in the urban jungle where the other drivers immediately negotiate respect. Yet particularly suited to unpaved roads. With a nice asphalt can not understand. As a result, in our country will never become a popular model. In short, there is unfortunately no longer so many places untouched by civilization.

The basic price of the car: 789 000, – CZK

Cost tested version: 912 900 CZK


– Low price

– The majestic appearance

– Transferability terrain

– Removable Roof

– Spacious interior


– Textile straps on the door

– removal of the overly complex roof panel

– louder motors

– Worse stability at higher speeds

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