Review: Jeep Grand Cherokee Indian Overland- Uninhibited

Čerokézové (Eng. Cherokee) are American tribes. In the old days of the Wild West were čerokézové bold and tough warriors. They advanced culture but also with their own characters and rich traditions. That is what i Jeep Grand Cherokee . Car for real men. But also a car that you include luxury and comfort. A car that honors the tradition of the family Jeep is the biggest and most luxurious representative. Previously I suffered skepticism toward American cars. After a few days in the “ Grand ” I’m cured.

Design – on the warpath

When you say American car, many people envision a large lumpy box. This is no longer true. New Jeep Grand Cherokee is the proof. Body shapes are much more eye pleasing European, than with the previous version. That does not mean that the Grand Cherokee rid of their typical features. Ahead still dominates the Jeep so typical radiator grille with seven holes for fresh air. These lead headlights with bi-xenon lamps. One for the “ America ” but the typical thing remained – chrome, chrome, chrome and again. They personally Showtime on these cars never too did not like, but in combination with black and grandeur “ Grand ” looks fabulously chrome.

At the back are the most striking dimensional lamps and a chrome strip předělující trunk lid labeled Jeep . In the lower parts, and then hem fenders find a rich sheathing, which you will appreciate when riding along local “prairies”. Cased well is processed to withstand without damage the paint larger wounds from flying stones. Our test model was perched on a giant 20 “wheels. They do not spoil driving comfort and also look fantastic on your car.

What Cherokee really can not deny is his power. Yes, there are even larger and heavier SUV , but few of them looks so robust and muscular as just Grand Cherokee . Let him stare at the front, rear or side, you always have the impression that you’re standing in front of cacique on the warpath.

Interior – peace pipe

Once inside, the leather seats with ventilation and heating know the other face of the brave. In peacetime, each Indian like to rest in the warmth and comfort of your teepee.

The first picks up a three-spoke, 2/3 leather steering wheel. The remaining third is made of quality wood. There is a button there to control adaptive cruise control, trip computer and multimedia. During maneuvering and frequent reaching round wheel bothered me a little transition between leather and wood. In the conventional grip “quarter to three,” but only hands touching the skin, so it’s basically not much of a problem and can get used to it.

Quality leather is also stitched dashboard. There are leather adds a subtle wooden décor painted in black. The same decoration can also be found on the door. Interior build quality is top notch. During testing, I noticed one disturbing creaking noise or chattering plastics. They are, for example mating and softened.

What my cars downright matters are unclear přetlačítkované and decking. The Jeep but you will not find anything like that. Everything is beautiful “cleaned up” and after a while you can adjust the three-zone air conditioning palpation. Ergonomics is simply great. This can be said of seats. They do not lack the lateral line and holding the body firmly pressed together with the car. And most are vented, which acknowledges gratefully. I can not wait for the time when the ventilation seats the same standard as their heating. Thumbs up ‘ Cherokee ‘!

The fun takes multimedia system “ Uconnect ” with large touchscreen and really good audio system. It can really rub powerful bass, but also satisfy audiophiles professing quieter music. Navigation would admittedly deserved better graphics, but true cowboy who until recently wore map pockets, this Jeep must forgive. On the menu is a great Czech, which we longed to Grand Jeep (as Samohýl MB) < / strong> like to install.

Feel of the interior is very nice and even spacious in all directions, which in large SUVs not always the case. The recognition they deserve and 916 l large suitcase. In you move half the Indian village and the Mustang to it. Great electrically operated trunk lid with only open window. This is useful especially if you want to boot from the bowels of the fish quickly rifle for deer. Suitcase can open the driver. Just press the button will and than walk to the back of the car, the trunk is open. Even such “little things” during daily use can put a smile on the face of otherwise tough guy. But little things like more. Even while coming to appreciate the car that you do not look for the keys in his pockets. Simply touch the door handle and the car unlocks itself. Recognize that you have the key with you. Likewise, when starting just press the button.

Engine and transmission

The test model was equipped with a three-liter six-cylinder diesel engines in V. This will be on our roads, probably the biggest representation. The unit provides power 177 kW and a torque of 440 Nm. After starting the engine almost do not know. It is well soundproofed and has a velvety operation. In normal operation speed rarely exceed 2000 per minute. It is due to the fact that torque is laid pretty low and there is no need to dial a motor. But if it will prompt a gas meets the floor, show you that even a car weighing 2.4 tons can be damn fast. Especially when you can start Grand Cherokee really strong push into the seats on the tarmac and in turn even cranks like wheels. At higher speeds, I repeatedly found myself ztlumuji music and enjoy it sound that the engine line. The power transmission takes at the present time already somewhat outdated, 5-speed transmission with a hydraulic torque converter. Frankly, however, I can not imagine another variant, especially in the field where přemodernizovaná dvojspojka quickly waved goodbye and farewell. Transmission shifts smoothly without jerking, quite logically chosen gears and responds quickly to commands kickdown. If a rotary dial Selec-Terrain cabinet to select mode “ Sport “, let the engine gearbox shifts more to make and the right amount of speed when you release the throttle slightly.

At the Wallachian winding okreskách I often ranked sequentially himself. After all electronics is not omnipotent and knows what turn or hill will follow. On the highway, however, hurry addition stabbed. The motor would spin speed less and certainly would not positively reflected in consumption, which during the test was around 12 liters of diesel. However it must be noted that the test included a landscaping element in Přerovské ravine within Jeep Academy where the car got very confused.

Horse – freedom, liberty

Riding with Grand is a chase with prairies with wild horses. The sheer sense of freedom and liberty. Forget all the misery of the outside world and let yourself be pampered comfortable gliding ride and top interior design. Intelligent chassis perched on air měsích swallows all the inequality and the fact that you just crossed the railway crossing, only to learn the road signs. I also did not feel no uncertainty in the corners, in which Cherokee throws with gusto even at high speeds. In practice, it seems that “arrive” before the turn, slightly přibrzdíte, you turn the wheel and the gas to the floor of the beautiful trail again go up.

At the same time, however, no drama happening inside. The speakers line restful American country, over you through panoramic roof shine through the stars. Sipping a cup of tea and speed tachometer informs you discreetly. Body roll is minimal thanks to its intelligent chassis. He turns to the “ přifoukne ” bellows on the outside of the car and give the necessary support.

Right pleasure is riding at night. After dark, magical light show begins. Daytime running lights are switched on low beam. The interior is lit ambient lighting and automation alone switches between dipped and main beam. Cherokee itself recognizes that upstream and nothing comes off even street lighting. Another feature is the adaptive cruise control, which itself monitors the distance to the car in front is. Outside the city so your right foot can give rest to several tens of kilometers.

The supply of information takes on-board computer, the screen is positioned between two tubes speedometer and tachometer. It operated from the steering wheel and provides information such as e.g. the transmission oil temperature, coolant temperature, current speed, fuel consumption or the navigation commands. In crisis situations, the computer can display an alert of a possible collision with another car or object in front of the vehicle. This function scared me a few times, because the speakers sounds altogether unpleasant tone. Eventually I got used to it, so I did not determine whether the alarm goes off.

A special chapter is riding on the ground. There is Cherokee feels like a fish in water, or rather bison on the prairie. As a participant Jeep Academy 2012 under this claim can still sign. Definitely I relished reduction enclosure with inter-axle differential. In low range mode because you feel that you moved away continents. Indeed, the car has so much power. For details on off-road capabilities of Cherokee You can read in a report from the Jeep Academy .


For the price of 1 159 00 without VAT get a really big piece of quality cars upset a rich feature set. In addition, the Jeep Grand Cherokee lost even in very difficult terrain. And who can offer this today? Sure, you can argue that all this must manage Touareg . Cherokee but has something extra. He has a soul. From the car you feel the smell of America , wild west adventure, effervescence indigenous Indians …

Just to “Granda” love. If I buy it? Yes! Definitely worth the money. And most importantly, when you buy a Jeep, not taking just an ordinary car. You buy also a piece of history, which dates back to World War II when the universal vehicle Willys saved the life of soldiers. This is about their cars can only say, Jeep, Jeep because it is the only one!

On the occasion, we also tested a short video that you can see both in Video and our We know Stream channels.

The basic price of the car: 1,464,900, – CZK (Overland)

## gcher ##


– Price and equipment

– Off-road capability

– chassis and engine

– Design

– High quality audio

– audio system

– The soul and atmosphere of the car


– High loading edge of the trunk

– Sometimes groundless warning before the collision

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Author: Martin Sedlář, Photo: Monika pin

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