Review: Isuzu D-max in the embodiment Double Cab

Before the test, the robust pick-up Isuzu D-Max in the Double Cab version, designed for five passengers, I was somewhat skeptical. Can this for our countrymen relatively unknown model to compete with established cars as the legendary Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Amarok? In the following paragraphs I will try to convince you that they can compete effectively and in many ways even surpasses it.

But prisoners to First things first. What do we know about this Japanese brand? Its roots date back to 1916 and currently it is one of the largest manufacturers of diesel engines. Just for fun I add that in 2012 there were produced over 15 million! It is weaker with the production of utility models, as importer in the Czech Republic has only one – our test D-Max .


At first glance it is clear that we are faced with particularly working machine , which was primarily designed for making finery. Yet even with him in the urban jungle not be shy. For all large can alloy wheels of 17 inches , black paintwork and chrome accessories primarily led by a massive grille, which are followed sharply cut headlights. These did not deny their Asian origin, but with them and European tastes can easily deal with. Feels a really big car enhanced view of the side parts which stand out unprecedented length of 5295 mm in combination with a plastic cover for the loading area. Even so big wheel in addition to the giant arches easily lose, and I’m beginning to suspect that this car is really unmatched in the field. My opinion also confirms the value of Wading depth 600 mm and 275 mm of ground clearance. But before we get to the driveability , let’s have a moment to peek into the cabin.

The interior

As I mentioned in the introduction, cab is designed for five passengers and bear in mind the same philosophy as the exterior. Workmanship and ergonomics are mastered to perfection, yet you feel that you are not sitting in any luxury sedan. D-Max but he does not want to do so. Even the most recent driver is designed for durability and often not very finicky behavior. Gray plastics are hard as a rock, on the other hand, there was nothing nevrže and you can pamper example, excellent workmanship and great steering wheel (in class), processed on-board computer, hidden between a pair of gauges in the instrument chapel. The center console then can be compared with conventional passenger cars. Prim plays radio with large screen and positioned underneath the knobs ventilation and air-conditioning.

Space and comfort

The interior is through two pair of large doors open well and will please generously designed space for passengers in both rows of seats. There is also a number of practical storage compartments and boxes . Dimensioned are seats that impress lateral guidance, comfort, however, it is noticeable and not tired even after several hundred kilometers behind the wheel. On the back bench, without major problems, they fit three adults. Those would be just only in the shoulder area. Headroom or knee certainly spared, resulting in a convenient transportation valiant workman. A family of five to mention …

Large floor area cargo area is accessed through the cover, which is tilted in one plane with the floor and safely withstands load of 100 kilograms. Our test version also possessed a plastic extension to use cargo space expands even more. Cargo cover is both from the weather and thieves before. Only it should be borne in mind that the loading floor is covered with plastic tub and unsecured cargo over the surface can easily slide.

The engine and the driveability

The drive handles massive automobile turbodiesel double four-cylinder 2.5-liter, which is connected to a six-speed manual transmission. Drive unit offers decent performance 120 kW and equal to 400 Nm of torque, available from 1,400 rpm. There is also a diesel particulate filter that reduces environmental impact. Its advantage is the total resistance in any limits. To stop in the middle of his recovery? Do it! D-Max is not toy nafintěné Klouček , and accordingly is output. Status filter clogging addition, you can follow the trip computer menu.

What else do we Isuzu D-Max offers? Ladder frame that complements the rear solid axle on leaf pens and independent suspension front. Classical concept is complemented by a rear wheel drive with engageable front-wheel drive. The vehicle’s differential lock or reduction gears. Any change modes is also accompanied by a proper macho click.

Enough theory. Let’s see how D-Max stand in traffic . A pleasant surprise is a smooth running engine, low vibration infiltrating into the cab and well-soundproofed interior. The clutch is pleasantly solid, but the shift is too aloof and in no way can be compared to smaller trucks. Shifting lanes are approximately as long as the shift lever and some pleasing scenery or very accurate. For this, however, it can take much that often remains little sense!

Two tons of curb weight, power unit has no problem. The advent of low speed is a bit tepid, at 1,500 revolutions per minute, however, and wakes brave stretches even more nearly 2000 rpm for a maximum of 120 kW . In practice, however, it is completely unnecessary, because realistically usable spectrum boundary ends 2000 RPM. At this point, moreover, it concentrated all the torque of 400Nm.

And ride alone? On the road with a quality finish, the car behaves confidently and the limiting factor is not the rear solid axle. However, it is necessary to count with a faster transition to understeer due to the offroad tires. Disadvantages of this approach can fully enjoy after crossing the large disparities when stern behaves quite nervous and tends to bounce. You must also reckon with the larger body roll, which are given to the very height of the vehicle and the position of the center of gravity and suspension settings.

In sum, the behavior of the car on the road described as quite pleasant. It is time D-Max load a little and stretch his ground. Even here I behave absolutely perfectly and in most cases it is sufficient to round selector switch is set to 2H, when the power goes to the rear axle only. To muddy and wet meadow in greater slope and forced me to join the front wheels, resulting in calming the entire car and sample throughput terrain. Excellent properties is enhanced ride height 275 mm, slip angles of 30 ° and sufficient zkřižitelnost axles. Yet the orthodox and agile off-road and it does not fit thanks to an enormous rear overhang, which in many cases will be the limiting factor. But who needs a daily ride on the rocks? Generally true fact that a typical user limits on D-.max only awarded falls, but not to go near them.

Are you interested in consumption? It was during the test was around eight liters of diesel per hundred kilometers. When defensive driving okreskách along the route about 200 kilometers long, but could drop even below 7 liters. But we must not forget that the D-Max is primarily a working tool whose task is to load 5 guys and a half tons of cargo. Here are per deciliter wrong. Therefore, the consumption at full load attacking 10-liter limit, in perfect order.


D-Max Isuzu diesel čtyřválcem all-wheel drive and in the embodiment Double Cab is really a big surprise. Not only that, it looks really good, but also able to offer a very pleasant ride on the road and great off-road capabilities. D-Max is also possible to configure both of us test the engine and the more powerful three-liter and five-speed automatic transmission. There are also three types of bodywork design – Single, Double Cab and Space, which can be combined with three levels of equipment – Basic, Premium and Custom. Compared to competing brands is also felt strong emphasis on individualization . If, for example, because you want pink D-Max with bodywork, which hopefully going to do a horse, Isuzu will be happy to produce.

The basic price of the car: 859 000, – CZK


– Robust design

– Fuel consumption

– Price

– Comfort while driving

– Flotation

– Nearly indestructible design

– refinement of the engine


– Runny service network

– View backward

– Easy transition to understeer on asphalt road

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