Review: Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai makes us forget the deviated ix35 and returns us to the market name Tucson . Will again be so funny as the first car of this name, or rather to establish direct misled’s predecessor? Let’s convince by testing two straight engines.


The Tucson again, perhaps in Nosovice in the right direction. At least appearance to apply obtained because after the ix35 strangeness to which you do not want to remember, we have again handsome SUV that can stand next to their competitors. It’s good that predecessor got this weird label ix35, he looked so miserable, because that’s how embarrassing meantime can forget automaker and customers and remind prefer the first model of Tucson, which, while today does not look as good as at launch, but could his former rivals to build a proud and erect. But she looked older than ix35 Tucson already at its introduction and with each passing month, when she stood in the showrooms, it was nothing but worse. So certainly thank God for the new Tucson and the good design . The car looks like dignity and modern , particularly beautiful original wheels . Tiguan bit first, and I mean that as a compliment for Hyundai. Just watch out for some details, such as tailpipes look after the intervention of tuners and power to adult appearance does not fit the car.

The interior

The great thing about Tucson is good , but mainly spacious interior . And not only in front, which suffered even the old model, and back where you do not have to worry about not sit real tall man. For the spaciousness certainly can i thin doors . Otherwise, it’s one of those stadards partially softened boards , round leather steering wheel, even accompanied by “ biceps “, which is really well kept. The position is good for him and convenient , the seats look good, the fabric is very tasteful and non-slip surface. The backrest tilt wheel sets, which is always better than the lever. Just for seats do not expect any side management . But you’ll get that stupid ringtones , who plays at startup and shutdown. Well, maybe it’s just a temporary fad. Like fashion small casings . Lately I feel that the bigger the car, the less Casing front passenger seat. Fortunately, he makes up for it large door pockets . Cottagers nation probably disappoint average and Total shallow trunk . At least, however, quickly locked myself in Tucson, so you can him no one steal.


Both test cars were fitted with automatic transmission . And to diesel engine certainly fit better with it simply better matched , but the machine ranked in both cases good and nezmatkoval too. And perhaps, if so, neškubal entire car like the older DSG. Overall, I felt diesel version of more , and I am an absolute proponent please petrol units in cars that people buy for private purposes. For example, he came diesel less jumpy and readable . Petrol versions worked in broken corners restlessly and distracted. But but it has a much better tapping. But the engine writes checks that the chassis can not handle fully repay. Shock acts as gelatin, car restlessly swaying and tends to jump out of a bend. When quiet ride quality and road car is absolutely fine, but on the bumps I had a constant feeling that I try to kill you in a minute. And they bothered me those big shots on each bone. Unusual but sensitive and precise control , which is not about the dead center position. It is now just see. And there is not much přeposilované.

New Diesel Tucson impress the stunning Mute that diesel cars almost unusual. Well frugal engine , which nemlaská, but just a little posrkává. Specifically, Highway 7.2 liters (7.6 petrol), the in 8.5 liter (9.2) and outside 7 3 liters (7.5). In total, one week respectable 7.6 liters per hundred kilometers. petrol Tucson reached the solid 7.9, which is not so significant deviation. Difference and acoustic , the petrol version is obviously much quieter. But even a diesel car filled with worry, the clatter of old kafemlejnků is already past. Management facilitates active lane assist and alarm blind spots , although both are already beginning to be a bit obvious. But comforted Compass in the internal mirror that tells you on which side of the world you are driving.


As you surely know from the test Hyundai Tucson is just a good car . You can have any reservations against him, but nothing could be significantly degraded. Just a dilemma, whether gasoline or diesel. I got it easy, diesel car and therefore do not need a similar dilemma of making decisions, but diesel Tucson is not bad. And if you wait stakilometrové movements, you will find the right choice.

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