Review: Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid – Indian summer with the plugin

We passed the test editorial Hyundai Ioniq version Plug-in Hybrid. What is it?

Hyundai us as the first model in its Ioniq offers all three types of electrified drive.

Ioniq is offered in version Hybrid Electric and Plug-in Hybrid. A version with a fully electric drive Electric, wrote a colleague in one of our recent tests.

Now we had the opportunity to test the latest model offered Ioniqa and a version of Plug-in Hybrid.

Ioniq since its launch, winner of several awards. From the title of “Car of the Year” in several European countries over the award “red dot” design, the highest five-star Euro NCAP safety.


Ioniq The elegant and purely practical shapes. The shape of the body has resulted in the lowest air drag coefficient in its class.

Our version was tested in an elegant color combination of white with blue accessories individual body.

The car is offered in eight colors: white Polar, Silver Platinum Blue MARINA PHANTOM black, gray IRON silver AURORA, orange and brown PHOENIX demitasse.

Vehicle drives are then available in white or silver with blue and white elements.

Large grille, as we have lately used by Hyundai, is offered in Dark Metal shade with blue strip or glossy black with blue or silver foil.

External appearance Ioniqa acts purely practically, smartly and purposefully. Ioniq you need primarily to like, even though I personally like, Ioniq to you goes a little differently.

As already mentioned, the front is dominated by a large screen, into which are visually integrated front and headlights. Beautiful detail in the bumper forms a daytime running light, as with the i30.

The side profile of the vehicle and the flowing back acts dynamic impression.

The rear section of the vehicle is individualized by a small window in the vertical part of the tailgate. This window follows the rear lights and with a brake light dominates the rear of the car.


The interior is like their colleagues stable high quality.

In our test version of the interior was appointed in dark colors with contrasting blue. And within each of accessories such as air conditioning vents frames or lines in blue leather seats.

Ioniq possessed abundant elements outfit similar to the previous test forties or thirties. From heated or ventilated seats, of course electronically adjustable with memory, via a heated steering wheel, parking assistant, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist feature.

The dashboard is clear and the layout of controls is very intuitive.

In its central part located osmipalcový touch screen that is integrated into the dashboard. This display informs you of energy flows in hybrid system, the level of your driving style, fuel consumption and range on purely electrical energy, of course there is the navigation view or radio.

Ioniq is also equipped with systems CarPlay Apple and Android Auto, as well as wireless inductive charging, the LIVE service for displaying traffic information “on-line” and Lifetime Mapcare service for which you Hyundai Motor offers free annual updates of maps.

In the chapel before the driver is placed next high resolution display that shows speed, range, information from the navigation system, information on setting the cruise control, engine temperature, information about the flow of energy, battery status or active driving mode.

Ioniq can also switch to sport mode, alarms, then red, and change its graphics.

The rear seats of the vehicle are comfortable and spacious. Their seatback folds levers directly from the trunk space. The volume of the trunk, which is restricted by placing the battery has a volume of 341 l.


Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid is the combination of the gasoline engine performance 1.6GDI 77kW motor and 45 kW, which is powered by a Li-poly batteries with a capacity of 8.9 kWh. The overall performance of the hybrid system, then 104 kW (141 hp).

The supply of electricity allows Ioniqu range of up to 63 km on pure electric power. This information must be confirmed.

A way to cooperate with each electric motor and the petrol engine is dependent on the state of battery charge. When sufficient charge their rides Ioniq mainly on electricity and until the power-motor stops enough, then automatically connect gasoline engine.

In hybrid mode ensures the use of petrol engine and electric motor in a spirit of maximum efficiency. In sport mode, then Ioniq uses two engines to the maximum extent possible. Switching to sport mode, the vehicle is to know and change is quite dramatic.

Ioniq allow complete discharge of their battery capacity and retains 15% of the hybrid drive and also thanks to the recovery of energy from braking or from the charging of the internal combustion engine. Ioniq is still trying to preserve cooperation between the two powertrains.

Powertrain vehicle is associated with a six-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox, which was directly Hyundai brand designed for hybrid operation.

Gearbox obviously lies smoothly smoothly.

The gear unit can also be controlled by paddles on the steering wheel. Personally, I did not use it in any way. When driving with Ioniqem you had in mind chasing completely different ideas. If you have removed your foot off the gas in time, and as soon as possible, recovering energy or whether you people waiting for the tram islet ever noticed that you go.

Fuel consumption in the weekly test was around 3.8 liters per hundred kilometers. A combined range makes 900 km.


Version Plug-in Hybrid is offered the trio seems to be the best. Range 63 kilometers purely on electricity, many people suffice overnight and your car home again charged the other day on the way to their favorite work.

The vehicle also gives you great freedom, because normally works with minimal electricity, you simply just dotankujete the nearest gas station.

Hyundai offers its customers a five-year warranty with no mileage restrictions and model Ioniq addition, an eight-year warranty on batteries raid limited to 200 000 km.

All this in conjunction with a reasonable price, with a consumption of under four liters, excellent workmanship and pleasing appearance gives us great sense of a week spent with Ioniqem us a lot of fun.

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