Review: Hyundai i30 – a handsome thirty Nošovice

Hyundai us after about 5 years introduced its third generation i30-ky.

Thirty is compared to its predecessor completely different vehicle, its design is a whole step further. It is very pleasing and its European origin makes her really know.

Hyundai, of course, aware of the purchasing power in the segment and the model gave a very careful.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show we saw a more derivative and a sharp version of the Hyundai i30 N. It should be a very fast car that is both practical and suitable for everyday use. We will, of course, enjoy the ride and everything you informed of course.

Our test version was equipped with a diesel šestnáctistovkou with automatic transmission equipped Style and Ultimate package.


Hyundai similarly to the recently tested forty, and at i30 switched from round shapes to the body considerably sharper edges.

The front of the car is very nice. As in the forties, we have a generous mask with chrome trim, which is significantly kinked along its sides.

The headlights also have sharp features and communicate very well with the shape of the mask. The overall composition of the front part then adds “breaths” front bumper in which are incorporated fog light and daytime running lights, which in combination with the directional lights.

The headlights were also equipped with full LED technology with automatic high beam, including cornering function přisvěcování do.

Side the styling is dynamic, very appealing. From the front fender to the rear lights through line break in the body. He comes to me personally most evident in the game over the rear wheel. Vehicle and supplies the power, robustness. This impression is then further enhanced by equipment in the seventeen alloy wheels.

Thirty was fitted with chrome door handles and chrome trim side windows, all in contrast with the painted mirrors.

Pleasing exterior design is complemented by the panoramic glass roof, really suits her thirties.

Rear fifth door as with forty terminated decent lollipop brake light. The rear of the car is, however moderate, sterile and would like a refresher. Although the rear of the hatchback similar to the feeling I have there.

The design of the car is brave, as we at Hyundai used. Thirty is a handsome car with European features.


Once behind the wheel, I was pleasantly surprised by the interior thirties. Compared forties is not in its details so robust, has somewhat more classic, simple, clear and well.

Thirty were richly equipped, dashboard and steering wheel were planted with a great variety of drivers. Control is again very intuitive.

The instrument panel in its central part is dominated osmipalcový touch digital display, which controls the particular audio system, phone and navigation. The display is not particularly integrated into the dashboard me personally for aesthetic or practical viewpoint mind, rather vice versa.

The central part of the dashboard further comprising a control ventilation and air conditioning. On this part, it follows indoor storage space and central tunnel with the dial-in machine. In the space center tunnel option is also driver driving mode (normal, eco and sport), heating and ventilation seat driver and passenger, heated steering wheel, parking assistant and driver electronic handbrake.

Leather steering wheel vehicle is equipped with controls for audio system, trip computer, Bluetooth hands-free phone, cruise control and speed limiter. In the test version of the adaptive cruise control with the function of keeping the standoff distance with a full automatic stoppage and restarting the rolling away.

The chapel before the driver is equipped with a speedometer and tachometer, as well as fuel gauge and engine temperature. Between the tachometer and speedometer is then placed onboard computer display.

The test version was equipped with parking sensors, as well as automatic parking system and a parking camera.

The seats were leather front additionally equipped with heater bands possibly ventilation, both at three levels of intensity. Of course there was also the electric position adjustment of the front seats.

The vehicle was similar to the previous forty installed assistant to maintain lane. Assistant sound signal notifies you that the car without using turn signals run over the lane thirty itself, however, the movement of the steering wheel the car back into the original lane. However, you must keep your hands on the wheel, if not you will be notified, and the system is then shut down.

Thirty us compared to its predecessor increased the length of ten centimeters. The rear seats are quite comfortable vehicles. Their backrest is hinged levers from the inside of the boot, which is its basic volume of 395 l belong to a better average.

Trunk space under the floor has plenty of storage space.

Trunk floor is also equipped with a system that prevents the movement of subjects, practical.


The test version was equipped supercharged diesel šestnáctistovkou with an automatic dual-clutch gearbox DCT.

It was the most powerful diesel engines with an output of 100kW, which can offer you thirty.

Automatic transmission with an engine is very well aligned. There is of course a possibility to control the gearbox paddles on the steering wheel. In combination with adaptive cruise control are becoming comfortable ride.

Fuel consumption in the assay was around 6-l.

The chassis of the car is nicely tuned, the test car was fitted on the low profile 17 -kách.


Thirty is presented as a car for everyone. Unfortunately, the competition is great and it will not be easy. Still, I think it’s a reasonable choice and many of us are so effective.

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