Review: Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDI combi

What is the Hyundai i30 second generation after a facelift? Last year it sold 7900 and thus belongs to the top five best-selling cars in the country. This car with bodywork station wagon, diesel, manual gearbox and equipped Weekend, seems to be the ideal car for families as it is in reality?


The front is dominated by a distinctive hexagonal grille with a chrome strip on the bottom of the slats at the bottom of the ice is a daily light associated with fog lamps, and the good news is that they are already in the basic equipment. In profile, deliver smooth transition windshield with a slight slope on the hood, which is also along the entire length of slopes. Chrome trim on the windows to paint a dark suits and are fitted Weekend. The front and rear lights, respectively, the sharp projections are connected vednoucí line around the flank of the car, on the tailgate and the edge line forms the license plate light. Design ítřicítky after suffering a facelift is not afraid described as well done.


The interior at first glance ceiling a dark color, which is very dark inside the car, there is still beige, which lightens the interior more. Plastics are soft, well matched and there was nothing nevrže. Odhládacích space is insufficient, it is worth mentioning conditioned compartment on the passenger side. Dual-zone air conditioning and is a function of air ionization. Buttons on the center console is quite a lot but they are big enough and after a while use is not an issue important functions operate blindly.
Leather heated steering wheel is adjustable in height and length, as well as the seats has a nice blue-white stitching. Steering wheel radio controls can be found, handsfree, cruise control, trip computer and switching efficiency of the power steering. Front seats that are also heated, have significant side management and even though I’m pretty skinny, and in turn keeps well. Pity absence adjustable seat. The seats are behind the sheathing, which is appreciated especially parents of small children. At the rear there is enough space for the legs and the head cushion has a width of 1.4 meters. The seats are split 40:60, first fold the seat backrest and then, creating a flat surface with a length of 185 cm.
The boot has a volume of 528 or 1642 liters with rear seats, the loading edge is at a height of 60 cm, below the raised bottom are divided into compartments, beneath which is still hidden, spare wheel, required is cleverly concealed in a separate compartment in tailgate access for it is convenient and when “crowded suitcase.”

Engine and transmission:

1.6 diesel has common-rail injection and four valves per cylinder. It is available in two versions with 81 or 100 kW. The test car possessed a weaker version 1.6, but she had plenty of power for everyday driving. With a maximum torque of 280 Nm from 1500-2500 rpm and a six-speed gearbox, it was not much reason to spin the engine over 3000 r / min. When driving speed of 90 km to the sixth speed step motor rotates approximately 1600 rpm at 130 km / h about 2300 rpm. The engine is well soundproofed. Like most new cars are equipped with start-stop system. It works rapidly but unfortunately it is not possible to permanently deactivate a user.

Chassis and Driving:

McPherson front axle, the rear is a multilink and unlike competitors it will get even with the car at the lowest possible gear. The car works well with cobblestones and uneven. Problems have only a short transverse roughness. Lateral inclines on the family station wagon and good cornering can go surprisingly fast. Now we come to the property that I am on an otherwise great family station wagon regret the most, and that is control – efficiency of the electric servo is indeed adjustable in three modes: comfort, normal and sport, but neither one will not offer feedback.


At the family car’s most important safety for Hyundai has achieved in protecting children and adults 90%.

Euro NCAP results:

Adults: 90%

Children: 90%

Pedestrians 67%

Safety systems 86%



Security +

+ Fuel consumption

+ Large trunk

+ Favorable price

+ Rich trim

+ Five-year warranty without limitation raid


– worse outlook over the A pillar

– power without feedback

If you are looking for a family car when choosing i30 you can not go wrong. It’s a great car for a reasonable price and with security at a good level. CRDI diesel engine is hilarious and, in combination with the six-speed gearbox can go as swiftly and efficiently. Sympathetic is a guarantee of 5 years unlimited mileage.
Base price: 334 990, – CZK

Price tested the model: 503 890, – CZK (surcharges: equipment Weekend: 85000, Engine: 70,000 and varnish: 13900)

 Source article: TEST Hyundai i30 kombi 1.6 CRDI