Review: Hyundai i20 Coupe

Hyundai showed us that also can produce small urban fashion auto into the city. Sico it right the first time is not perfect, but it certainly is pay think about it.


When you come to the car of zadoboku, you say: “ hmm, altogether a nice new Opel .” So, probably tell , a normal person does not solve these philistinism, car enthusiast again does not solve Hyundai or Opel and connoisseur of cars just know. But the fact is that C-pillar shape cars from Rüsselsheim very much reminds . But that’s Silhouette really hilarious . For such a pleasing shape I’ll have to get used for Korean cars, but it is good that the stage that look different, move to the stage, they look good. For me Coupe total sits the low front section , a car with her looks more dynamic, which for this body version is definitely a plus. And the little mirrors fit for a more dynamic appearance.

The interior

Again, we have such a advanced solution on the eye, the upper part of the flooring and around the gauges, it is měkčenný plastic . But the bottom where there is a touch of the knee is hard as stone, to be precisely mating . Rather, I forgive but the manufacturer’s investigation had been in places where it is not needed. But it is the fault zákaznků, plastics tested only at the top and not where do indeed touch in everyday life. Well, but this should not be a criticism i20 , but today’s conventional cars in general, so let’s move on. Total content I was with seats . Sure, shaping not so strictly anatomical, but this is not a sports model. So I forgive him and insufficient support in the shoulder area. More importantly, they have nice pattern and look good. And most important is that you find them easily good seating position , just because of the lower roof cap close enough. Help heated steering wheel , on the contrary, I missed a specific car navigation . And pained handbrake lever from ordinary plastic, think leather stitching would better fit the coupe. Alarms are large and transparent , but the piece next to the lock button that will burn again at night its LED eyes.

The luggage compartment Total little and shallow, but in the tourism segment and expect it not a significant problem. Worse are rear seat that there are probably really only so that it could say. Virtually usable So not anyway. Maybe when boarding must be careful, otherwise ulomíte arm on the B-pillar, which gives the front passengers seat belt closer to their attention. Well, a bit like the Mercedes C126, but only a little. For Korean car to the arm of nesklopí automatically, so sooner or later it really ulomíte.


Last time we had a routine test of i20 diesel engine, and me too impressed . This petrol can evaluate better . Čtrnáctistovka is beautifully silent and the small car enough flexible . Now that přemýším, maybe too quiet , little decent sound would not hurt her. He will be tapping into the city just right enough. A great thanks to the set comfortable chassis do not be afraid to stick his nose at rozdrncané county road. There’s a little work but wants a beautiful and ergonomic řadičkou to use the potential of the engine to the fullest. Ordering terms continuously , stutter-free, odd tracks are also pleasantly short. Auto acts while driving as well as a conventional five-door version, perhaps maybe even a little better. The main plus but I see in gasoline powerplants. If you can, avoid the diesel units and buy a petrol car. Much more pleasant to live with them.


So now, maybe finally I get rid of opponents stickers Korean automaker. Hyundai i20 Coupe me he well . Sure, it’s not perfect car, on the other hand, ignoring the Scoupe , which after all belonged to another segment, so this is first attempt automaker a stylish small car. A first attempt is not bad at all. If you had a look in the article, I did not read anything major, just a few things.

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