Review: Hyundai I 40 – excellent companion for long journeys

We’ve tested a modernized Hyundai I40 and in the Combi with equipment package and Premium Luxury with a panoramic roof.

This is a very practical station wagon that has among its competitors in the class-won already strong position.

Skoda Superb, Ford Mondeo, Volkswagen Passat, and we recently tested Mazda 6, Hyundai those really are lighter rivals.

version we tested was equipped diesel sedmnáctistovkou automatic transmission.


Forty their design compared to its predecessor “sharpened edge.” This is most evident on the front grill of the car, which significantly increased and spread up into the bumper of the car itself.

Front end received horizontal chrome gratings with a strong side, also chrome breaks, as is lately in . This, together with revised headlights with LED lighting gives the front of the car a dynamic, predatory look.

The side silhouette of the car is necessary to mention. The roof of the car reaches its peak in places where it ends the front door. From this point, slowly roof slopes towards the stern where it passes to a quite considerable and bulky lollipop tailgate, which includes the brake light.

All side windows are lined with chrome line, which at the very end turns into a rounded tip, that is an interesting counterpoint to the rear lamps in the side of the car.

The back of the forties dominated by relatively large tail lamps, which significantly apply and extend to the side of the car. Rear lights are connected by a chrome line that underlines the whole stern.

The test version was equipped with a spectacular 18-inch wheels in contrasting black – chrome combination with low-profile tires.

Design car belongs in the class of those courageous, forty wants love and she’s doing.


Once inside the car you are greeted with tunes and you indicated that you are ready and can go:) . Furthermore, your seat returns to the last set position (door opening had been postponed for better entry and exit). In the equipment are commonplace 2 memory settings for the seat position.

The dashboard has a huge impression, however, is its processing quality.

Along with the steering wheel is planted with a variety of drivers, due to the relatively rich equipment, which has a car. The controls are fairly intuitive and you get used to it fairly quickly.

The instrument panel is dominated in the central part of the seven-inch touch screen digital display, which along with vents ventilation and other controls of the car thrown into a kind of dynamic mass, a chapel, which effectively grows from the center console, where continuing other controls, for example, keeps the heat, seat ventilation, or selection driving mode.

Yes I40 has a choice of three driving modes, normal, eco and sport.

In addition to the center console dial automatic parking assistant driver or the driver handbrake.

The vehicle steering wheel features controls for audio system, trip computer, Bluetooth hands-free phone and cruise controls, the test equipment was also well heated.

chapel before the driver is equipped with a tachometer and speedometer at the center shows the fuel level, engine temperature and gear selected. Between the tachometer and speedometer is then placed onboard computer display.

The test version was equipped with front and rear parking sensors, you certainly appreciate it fairly hefty A-pillar and the lower side windows of the car will look much not give.

Forty was also equipped with an automatic parking system and parking camera case “would rather park my own.”

The seats were leather front seats are also equipped with ventilation keeps the heat where appropriate, in both cases at three levels of intensity. Of course there was also the electric position adjustment of the front seats.

The vehicle was also installed an assistant to maintain lane. Assistant sound signal notifies you that the car without using turn signals run over the lane forty itself, however, the movement of the steering wheel the car back into the original lane. However, you must keep your hands on the wheel, if not you will be notified, and the system is then switched off. Personally, I am in these matters little staromilec assistant and I did not use.

What I appreciated was the ability to read road signs forties. This is a bit of carelessness and oversight actual brand will fit.

It is also necessary to mention sliding panoramic glass roof. Very effective, of course, for a fee.

The rear seats of the vehicle are comfortable and spacious. Their seatback folds levers directly from the trunk space, which is its volume 533 l belongs to the more spacious.

The fifth trunk lid are dumped automatically by remote control or button on the instrument panel.

The floor of the trunk was also equipped with a system that prevents the movement of individual objects.


The test version was equipped with an automatic diesel sedmnáctistovkou DCT dual-clutch gearbox.

The engine was, in the context of modernization in 2015, boosted by 4 kW in total 104 kW performance, but it’s still not what would such a vehicle, which has strong ambitions, quite handsome.

Seven-slot cooperates with the engine quite well. At highway 130 km / h the engine revolves around delicious 2300 rpm .

Automatic transmission can also be controlled by paddles on the steering wheel. Paddles not change driving modes, I did not use much, forty is just something different than this, but I understand the effort to satisfy a wide range of customers.

Fuel consumption in the test was slightly above the 6-liter .

The chassis of the car is tuned comfortably, the test car was fitted on 18 -kách low profile, so the sensation of comfort we were denied the benefit of a little feeling of security pass when cornering.


The car will appeal to more easily tuned drivers, of course, satisfy the demands of a growing family or a fleet of official cars prosperous company.

Hyundai I40 on the market for some time, a rejuvenated version of the current model poured new blood into the veins, and we like it.

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