Review: Hyundai H350

You know, peripherally see in the mirror great white spot and now it’s clear that the five numbers behind your bumper is already glued delivery that utilizes the first time that you half dangerously overtook . No, I do not want any van driver lumped together, so try this time, as the situation on the road behind the wheel looks just such a typical typical white van.


Hyundai H350 really big delivery. If you think you sticking a huge white space in height, you feel like the billboard. But what it is dodávkáře Normal and others have this test just do not read long ago. Let’s inspect the new model and from the front, which is very nice mask refrigerating as hexagon . With chromium But fortunately Koreans exaggerate, so the whole car has a dynamic yet discreet. Attract and LED on daytime running lights, which are still in this segment as much as RSS. And even puppies need not fear that they reach to the windshield to him at the station they want to get rid of flies in the bumper are footrests . However, otherwise they would have had to consult with flies large wipers. Overall, it looks huge van very well and we are really modern and of his conception looks pleasantly surprised. Koreans have managed to do very handsome big van, perhaps more handsome than most of their cars.

The interior

The interior is clear to me that this is probably full barrage . Otherwise, namely the supply of decor with imitation aluminum and leather handles controls virtually nepotkáváme. But the decoration is not about potential buyers interested in the supply, the more pleased about the ergonomic . Well, why not start with something bad, like handbrake located on the floor to , very far from the driver, so it is very much dlouhánové must bow. Storage is a storeroom in the interior enough , and most of them have nonskid surface, but sometimes they are a little small. But that error list practically over, so I’ll vice versa praise . Surely they deserve commendation quality plastic parts in the interior. I also commend the excellent front seat with a high seating position that is suspension , so spend it all day does not mean you need evening massage the neck muscles. Seat backrest can be tilted and thus gains passenger armrest with cupholders. The driver then has its own small loketku in his seat. While the wheel is just plastic, the material is of course good and pleasant to the touch. Věěnec enough big and has a sporty biceps for easier management. Alarms are very large and transparent , but they are large empty area. A compliment to aslouží i navigation on-board infotainment. Its map is clearer than is the case with conventional passenger Hyundai.

All parts are quality fittingly and faces that will withstand rough handling. Durable overlay flooring is made up of rubber mats with sample tires. The floor is not under the middle seat completely flat, but slightly elevated. Maybe that’s why the place in the middle sits a little uncomfortably. And I am pleased that le download windows down, it is not at all deliveries granted. The sun will turn well hidden giant sun visor , above which is a huge shelf for details that remain hidden to sight thieves. The deep door pockets can fit dvoulitrovka with some cukernatou slip by white drivers of supply and like to drink. It is obvious that simply did not propose an interior designer in a black turtleneck nepolíbený practical life. On the contrary, did somebody with a head full of brains, so I type interior H350 Like perhaps most of all Hyundai.

The cargo space is huge and even there to hear the echo. But it certainly does absence any padding. Since it is practically seen everywhere, led by electrical . More importantly however it is that the floor is provided with a special slip surface and there is enough mesh to attach the load. Space above the cabin you will find a less storage space , a kind of shelf, where the well should be placed straps for attaching cargo or protective foil for transporting delicate things.


Navigating in the narrow streets do not have to worry, both from Vou perfect view , Hyundai also for drivers prepared a rear view camera . It is located on an arm protruding from the rear of the roof, leaving space for the delivery of monitors really well. Her image is projected on a large screen onboard infotainment. Front bumper have understandably parking sensors for easier overview of the obstacles away from the nose of the car. Not one but you do not need, if you like a good driver supplies only know how to maneuver “ mirror .” Thus, on the outside, inside is not. It is a pity that you do not have at least a mirror into the cargo space, but the window to check the cargo, yes. The exterior are large enough to the second panoramic coverslip are wearing sandblasted inscription: “ Objects in mirror are closer Then They Appear. ” guess I’ll laugh at the same thing fits most Americans cpoucí cat in the microwave, but I always wanted to have this sign on the mirror. Perhaps because of the movie Jurassic Park , although the T-Rex would have easily forgiven. Help start the key classical and some fashion no button.

Sound about H350 petrolhead nenadchne, but I enjoy very much. Even if I enjoyed a lot with a little kind of monster violate regulations, purely out of rebellion. Dvouapůlitrový turbocharged diesel with sixteen valves can operate with supply enough swiftly and do you not hampered the flight …. pardon the start. Although it could quickly drive up to speed, but what it really was good at deliveries? Plus, you can keep an eye on speed limits cruise . Turbo whistles as you want to hear. According to him, he is nice ride “ears” and tachometer actually do not even need to live. You just have to listen and Hend know when the quality gear change hurry. However, I must commend wonderfully tuned dampers , which is the most miserable Czech roads will change the whole road is easily acceptable strpitelným surface. Side tilts are significantly Reduce , which is at a high vehicle particularly pleasant. A little houpavosti but fortunately remained so comfortable completely disappeared. It bothered me then only missing features trojbliku , which I used a lot. But it worked great start-stop system , which most people angry. Also Lane Assist works great, but the sound is pretty unusual. As a whole the car is incredibly cool and works as a delivery absolutely ravishing.


And I went back to the beginning, so it’s really in the van a little tempting to typical behavior. Because the sit up , you have a much better situation ahead view than cars, you know sooner when the gap to overtake and so it is going to slowly maneuver. But are definitely mismanagement’m not going to apologize, let alone defend bad it is so. Only now I know what to do all the driving tempting, especially when you feel in a car right first time at home , which is the case H350. A Hyundai choice but applaud , the first time that a large supply managed very well.

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