Review: Hyundai Genesis

So we tested a luxury limousine brand Hyundai . And because luxury limousine with us nobody is buying, so she did not recognize anyone. Perhaps it is the ideal choice for those who want a large sedan anonymous. That would be perfect for Mafia ?


grandeur , this is probably the word that gives a personal meeting with Genesis fall to mind first. And rightly so, there is splendid beautiful grille, bonnet and large wheel so big that to them in the Middle Ages vplétali convicted. The overall body shape resembling Fastback is also handsome. And then the big mirror that reflects the character to the ground Genesis, that’s great. So I imagine a premium car.

The interior

Skins , that’s the first word you think of when you open the door, because everywhere . But when he recounts the wolf, are you afraid unnecessarily seats ventilated . And there are electrically adjustable eject including booster seat . In addition, seats have memory for the two positions behind the wheel. Electrically adjusted and the steering wheel of course. Incidentally, the seat and steering wheel to move because every time you start and stop the engine to help facilitate getting on and off. And not only because the skin is alive wealthy businessman, they can find here some very quality plastics a very tasteful decor . And the suede ceiling, so that soft as bunny Azurite. One would at a cheap Korean car waiting cingrlátka and kolotočářský style, but those times are past. What pleased me that this car can Czech . Funny i30 , which boasts the billboard, has a Czech language problem, and this Genesis of America Czech means. Probably just I do not understand me, but let’s move on. The interior is Ergonomically mastered and all parts are assembled with precision. On the dash will find beautiful square analogue clock, such a thing to a higher class definitely belongs. As well as an electric closing the door.

Rear seat armrest is, of course, and to find the crew of a series buttons to control doplňokých functions. Surely you will not bother with předkláněním or beg the driver to give you something back on. A deal can be annoying and sunshine, simply pull electric sunblind back or other aperture on the rear side windows. And you know how sometimes complain that in some cars is not much space, either in the trunk or back? So that at Genesis forget, there is a place everywhere . Neither team was in large areas do not worry, a huge panoramic sunroof ensnare enough sunlight. Back then giant trunk , to which, of course, also get electrically opening door.


Forked six-cylinder from the Korean manufacturer is still fork six-cylinder engine. And such a unit is simply a matter of principle in order. Do you have a limo with some plebeian four-cylinder engine? What significance then has ownership exceptional vehicle dimensions and design that nobody can overlook, though under his hood clattering same as in stuffed-up urban hatchback? V6 can normally only softly before and behaves cultivated , as the big black sedan suits. Quiet and very comfortable ride , this is something you really Genesis handles brilliantly. But my God, if by chance depressing the gas and send the needle into the red zone, it is Lahoda. This could listen all the time, the six-cylinder really beautiful thunder . In addition, turn ON the sport mode, auto comes alive , shrinks and more more responsive . Automatic Transmission additionally works nicely and continuously crew does not resemble their existence jerking or noise. It seems that at Hyundai have got to really care on almost every detail. Unfortunately really just almost at the start and vyypnutí engine again plays the the building a positive tune , from which I have a tic in his eye. There’s not even all the tweaks needed in modern luxury cars. Whether those annoying, like hand-operated brake button and the pleasant, like lane assist and adaptive cruise .

Is really unmatched gear that satisfies whatever class limousines potřebuje.Vůz is thanks to him and extremely quiet comfortable . It does not matter whether you are driving along a country road, highway or in the city, all handled perfectly. Performance is also quite 316 horsepower just is not enough, though steer such a ship. It’s nice to find even a big sedan with fork six-cylinder 3.8-liter, it is as erect middle finger to all the senseless frenzy of downsizing . The eight stage machine lies smoothly, but sometimes long thinking, which is the real hurry. If by chance you can not help paddles on the steering wheel. Also on the traction I can not complain, all-wheel drive with Genesis dare to higher speed ramp into the corners. It is thanks to the excellent system HTRAC , which can transmit the torque from 100: 1-0: 100, although mostly it will be something in between. So either all on the front or even your ass on everything today unprecedented. I almost wanted to write such ratios on my blasphemous sentence Why do not all as good as Hyundai .

But as I’ve heard the cries of your darling (I do not mean that two million Hyundai, but your partner), that with such a large car will be difficult to drive and park. Hmm, you know that not much is not it? Certainly, the length is a certain limit, but you have the four cameras , on each side of the car one, so no problem really stop to millimeter precision.


I’ve got this car only problem . Brand name and Hyundai in its name. Fortunately, before the test is typed, the automaker announced establishment of a sub-brand Genesis and rename the model of the type G90 . It’s good if you tell anyone that you have Genesis It’s different than when you explain then Hyundai and embarrassed that this is a limousine for two million. And just I hope that together with the sub-brand will even distribution of showrooms and service centers. Owner Genesis simply does not deserve that, when changing the oil plebs met in diesel i20. It’s amazing that a Hyundai managed that really stood quality luxury car . Previously, it was a cheap cingrlátka, plastic chrome, simply top Huj, you know it. Now there is but Genesis tightened and full luxury sedan to has pizzazz . But where do with him? Well, maybe to the fleet of the better hotels such as the airport shuttle is God. So that she drove alone to the terminal to leave for my vacation. And those two days behind the wheel, which I leave cheated, I still blame myself a little …

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