Review: Datsun 280 ZX Turbo Targa

I did not expect that I would have ever opportunity to try other car brands Datsun . But oddly enough, it worked, and I have the opportunity to explore second generation Zetka code called S130 . Specifically, the model 280ZX Turbo Targa , sold in some markets as Fairlady Z .

Model 280ZX was again larger engine than its predecessor 260Z, but the basis was the same inline six-cylinder SOHC with increased swept volume. Nissan has responded to the then new stricter emission limits in the United States. Was first introduced in Japan and later at the Paris Motor Show in 1978. The offer, however, remains the two- and four-seat versions, in addition to the classic coupe added option to choose the version of targa s removable roof panels. Vote was possible between the four-level transmission manual and automatic three-stage. Later, the menu was added and five-speed manual. The car was bigger and heavier than its predecessor, but also more comfortable and better equipped. During production, the emergence of new vehicle bumpers more able to withstand impact without damage 8 km / h and a full reserve space was delivered a spare wheel, because she could enlarge the reservoir. In 1979 at the Frankfurt Motor Show turbocharged version of Garett AiResearch TB03 . In addition, the car was much more aerodynamic than its predecessor. Letter X in the name denotes the full complement of the car, a leather interior and digital devices. The second generation Zetka was also a popular race car actors, athletes and petrolhead Paula Newmana .

And how did indeed work on humans? Well certainly the more Zetka than the original. Landscape therefore not a lot, but mostly I got much longer. Definitely operates bulky and bytelnějším impression. There must not miss the long hood, a distinctive feature of the previous model. The shape of the second generation but has more uhlazenějším overall impression. The headlights are still found in vykousnutých corners of the body before they are washer. And because it is a version of Turbo , on the hood we find a large intake air inlet. The space under the hood is in this version is filled almost completely. But telescoped here and lamp on a long cord, you can hang on to the hood of the repair of the engine and pull her under the car. What I really like are the frameless windows and the appearance of original wheel rims . Compared with many significant details of the key looks very simple.

The interior is very spacious and because it is a top menu, too much equipment. Here we find leather seats , who had to look reveals that although not provide the tight turn one hundred percent support, but more of them, probably you drive a lot of kilometers before you need to stretch. Otherwise, the leather and silver … uh … no. But what you want, the ’80s, men wore suits permanent and purple, yet this is not so off the wall. In addition, this is the American version and the Americans are … well … you know what, Moving on. Do rich equipment includes even defrost glass . Alarms in the middle of the planks are again angled toward the driver, only those switches than the previous generation greatly increased, as original radio reminds mixer for DJs. The space at the feet is illuminated gearshift lever protrudes from the rubber accordion, so typical of this decade. Between the seats is a storage compartment and handbrake can be found on the passenger side, where it has all Japanese cars have. There is also a cruise , which turns the steering wheel, but control is easily accessible on the turn signal lever. The case is big enough. In fact, when taking into account the sporting character of the car and almost too big. But at least it is easy to store the removable roof pieces.

When starting the engine already understand what potential conceals. Dark symbolizes grumbling at the present time a large volume and a greater number of cylinders, than what we are accustomed to today. He also took an incredibly view of the digital dash. Back then it was a symbol of modern technologically advanced cars, but it is interesting that conventional analog indicators never dislodge. Today, digital decking rather retro. But be careful, Datsun can be compared to the legendary KITT: “Lights are on.” Well, feel free to tell me, especially when you do not want me to answer. Zetka talking to me a female voice, moreover, much nicer than the Siri on my tablet. And yeah, do not worry girl, I odbrzdil, even if I did not. So perhaps already he told me everything she had to say, or rather to the control unit, and we can go.

Rate is estimated very badly, because I always went much faster than I thought. In addition, the motor directly hungry for speed and constantly invites you to their sound “more, more, more And press”. And I’m just not one of those who are allowed to drive persuasion. Sure, the parameters today are like ordinary passenger car, but if you can get someone in the sports car is much more likely to move more to the shoulder and lets you ride around. Just for the sight of graceful curves. The vehicle responds very quickly to the accelerator pedal, the onset of the performance is beautifully linear, because the turbocharger has only a minimal delay. I control is very precise and sensitive, you do not have a car wash and even power does not help you more than necessary. Just a clutch sooo long run that I had never seen before. Ordering a short and precise fit track and hurry to their places almost alone. What surprised me, however, that this ZETKA nepotrpí have to rough handling. I know a lot of cars, which it meets, but ZETKA so much. Nicely with flair (which does not mean slowly) to the radio or step on the pedal and it instantly listens and does what he was asking. When we tried it the hard way, she did not respond well.

On the day my horse was like embroidered summer, we removed the roof panels and the wind ruffles my hair. I always wanted to have a Cabrio , but now I’m starting to crave directly. Otherwise, perhaps between you find someone who would draft head mattered, but do not hang your head now, in the context of testing this feeling I přizvedl seat and backrest upright. Indeed, if you leave the closed side windows and the car no draft or no amount at a rate not. And even if you were even higher than me, Datsun has a special gadget – from the sun visor above the windscreen can tilt windscreen that hooking the edge of the roof. And then you wind neofoukne a bit. The entire car is set very comfortably, pleasantly irons and inequality in the seats could endure for a long time.

Such is the second generation Zetka at its best. It is perfect to use and looks beautiful. It also has enough special touch on Czech roads. But if I had to choose between him and the first generation with whom I rode before, won by the elderly. The newer model is much better companion in everyday life and you have to make him much less compromising than his predecessor. This Zetka already been developed with great respect for American drivers and their nature, perhaps because the change in the character of the original model. I must say, but it was closer to my heart.

Finally, the owners ask a few questions:

Why did you choose exactly this car, it was your long-term dream, or a decision point?

I wanted a car that is not so common on Czech roads and will also be comfortable enough to ride with him.

How difficult was it to get this car?

Datsun to buy be good, but 280Z in top equipment X, version Turbo and Targa version still in a two-seater, it sees little.

How to live with the car in normal operation? And you have it for pleasure or for daily use?

For pleasure, for daily driving in bad weather it would be a shame.

What was the most interesting experience with your car?

Every summer day is taken down roof panels is amazing. But it was a great first run and after tuning the engine.

Are you planning to do some adjustments or repairs?

Keep the original and serviceable condition. And otherwise just enjoy.

What is your biggest motoring dream?

I like modern Nissan GT-R. Perfect to use yet fast.

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