Review: Citroën Jumper

After strong, agile, and efficient luxury cars from previous tests was a good time to try something more practical . Without work, no money and no money is not a big steak. They know their workers and drivers supply , so we have one such driver to become week. We recruit new experience with Citroen Jumper s body L2H2 . This version is offered brand midway.

Design – Few can withstand abrasions

Disassembling this site utility type vehicle is quite difficult because its design is purely working. In this regard, everything is fine. The large plastic bumpers Citroën good protection from scratches, which for my life end up being more than enough. Their presence around the car conveniently in addition contrasts with dark windows, which does not look bad at all. Front part of vehicle resembling mouth French bulldog contains dimensional headlamps ensuring sufficient light cone. The large headlights and rear, so you can overlook nobody on the road.

Interior – what more could you want?

The interior is purely utilitarian, it is lots of storage compartments . Of course there is room for the gripper paper documents over the center panel. The only problem is that there is where you put a cell phone , or little things that need to be immediately at hand. Although you can put them on the ceiling shelf , but who has time to drive there in the hands blindly seek. Alternatively, you can put little things on a deployed surface of the seat backrest, but will fly from side to side. The controls have no comments, everything was simple and well spaced. This also applies for the drivers at the wheel.

The only thing that I completely failed to deploy, was the setting of air conditioning and heating of the entire area using Independent ventilation system for the front row of seats. Regarding the your view and forward everything is fine, but unfortunately the sides makes it worse. Round line B-pillar may look nice, but at the intersection with sharp angles you have a lot of lean . Quite annoying and unnecessary. The driver’s seat I enjoyed, that the gas suspension . The armrest has also been in place. It was worse for the remaining two places in front, where I started over 100 km long journey back aches. Rear seats have a decent supply side management, but only the extreme. Yet they are comfortable. Thanks to the large door was entry to all of them smooth , as well as cargo luggage back where it was more than enough space.

Engine and chassis – No matter what I shall do, I’ll take it.

Our test car had under the hood most powerful diesel four-cylinder 3.0 HDI an output 180 hp torque 400 Nm , which is available since 1700 rev / min . The result is clear! It does not matter how many passengers are carrying. It does not matter what the load backwards going to do. With this unit Jumper will take everything without a problem and certainly not brake service.

At the same time reward your wallet as well as for the work done on okreskách will require around 8.5 l / 100km and highway consumption rate note about 10 l / km . The number of passengers on consumption due to the torque has a greater impact. Six-speed manual transmission certainly fits the motor and a major contributor to economic driving on the highway and allows the engine to operate at lower speeds, which makes it quieter. The chassis is at low load is a little jumpy , but after loading the naturally calm and gracefully floats . How could it not, after all, is counting on the fact that most of its drive car will be fairly loaded .


Undoubtedly this is very practical car , suitable for mass travel and tours, as well as working on the dirty work. The pleasant fact is that all you need to driving license group B . Despite the size of the car ride I was not problematic even in city streets and in parking lots. The price of the test car is 1 100 000, – CZK including VAT . But if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, prices start at 782 760, – CZK including VAT.

The basic price of the car: 782 760, – CZK VAT
The price of the test car: 1 100 000, – CZK VAT


– engine power

– plenty of space for luggage and passengers

– comfortable driver’s seat

– enough storage locations

– Agility


– adjustable steering wheel in one axis only

– inferior view of the parties

– currency comfortable passenger seats

– uncomfortable front desk

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