Review: Behind the wheel of a legend: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Now we look across the ocean to an American car. It’s time for a change, so we are faced with a slightly moody Jeep Grand Cherokee first generation equipped Limited . In contrast to the beautifully restored cars there this time we have a doer that serves your everyday life in the Czech countryside and took from him a few cuts. Age and treatment “golden Czech hands” (but do not mean in a good way) the car was signed. Something a bit izolačky rights, while locking must follow the exact procedure, otherwise you laugh ignominiously alarm, but it’s still quite simple, easily repairable car. In the words of the owner of such a Škoda 120 with air conditioning and all-wheel drive …. I have nothing against škodovkám, but in this I feel perhaps a little differently.

In a way, even under all those clods of mud elegant. It does not so bluntly as classic first Cherokee , seen here that in addition to the functionality of the designers intended and over how the car will look like. But rather gives the impression of ready-made SUV . This is partly justified, monocoque body is here that permanently welded to the frame. This makes it possible to use thinner and lighter frame, which thanks to the connection with unitized body ensure the stiffness of the same konstrukce.Vůbec first to use this revolutionary solution, a Russian Lada Niva . Jeep has thus made smaller old Cherokee . The appearance already beginning to act a little nostalgic, at least for me. The early 90s were characterized by blocky cars that were as camouflage bulges at the corners of the body. But I personally come nicer than some of his successors later.

But enough boring tech trinkets, it’s time to sit in the seats and aaaaach … in that chair would perhaps could even sleep. True, the state is not perfect, but it would be repeated. And after all, when you sit on the seat, just do not see how it looks. Just give me a little at first upset that it can not move (but after that I just after 10 seconds behind the wheel forgotten). In front of you is a classic alarm clocks, but … what? Here a few dwells. There is namely pointer charge flashlight and oil temperature . In addition, the speedometer is calibrated in miles barrel and then to the fine print in kilometers. Just down I’m missing a pedal, yeah, again after a long time with the machine … but something whispers to me that even so it will be fun. If a pedal missing right arm below the contrary, something abides. In addition to the automatic gear there is the lever by the system Select-track , which increases throughput in the field and helps the driver in overcoming obstacles. You can choose several modes – backwheeler, backwheeler with attachable ancestor, quad, or in real terrain mode, which controls each wheel. Additionally shines amid the beautiful color display (true today more resembles the old tetris) in me evokes memories KITT . And what about when thunder inline six-cylinder petrol . This is something different than the crunch of the old diesel pickups in employment. Here it the sound really makes you happy.

“That way we can do it for a ride?” I ask a question with a dose of mistrust. “Well, everywhere you go which way,” sounds from the passenger seat. Well, I do not know. Experience I mainly from the multitude of road SUV in the field, I was only twice, once with Toyota RAV4 , and it was compared with the track off-roadového race as driving over a curb, and the second time with Hummer H2 on a piece of motocross track, but again had to go everywhere very slowly. Well, the owner smiles encouragingly and reach for the lever. I’d put there R , but no, we will go forward over the grassy margin, well, when you think …. But you know what? It’s going pretty well. It is true that this is the only such oťukávání, but we have a large quad with a big engine, yet is just not afraid. “That car passes 5 times more than people think. Most drivers not pull the foot out of the city and think that they need a quad bike on polňačce where their dads at ease roamed need to Wartburg “. No choice but to put these words for the truth in my mind jumps that once drove my poor Felicia, but no time for emotional memories, here comes the mud and the first deep puddle. The corners just tickle the throttle and already riding the ass slightly slimy blátíčku to the side. Yeah, so this probably will not be really boring. The car is controlled very easily, you also have the hands of a relatively large wheel, which already today also see much. It must admit that very willingly helps you with managing power. From the car is also a perfect view, columns are sturdy but not too thick, plus the front are not significantly skewed. You have the perfect overview, which is just a corner of the body.

“Do you have puddles slowly, and then add it properly!” Muddy water splashing very high and at times even some that wave rolls through the hood. And I Culi like when I got my first kiss in kindergarten. Bump or rut, who cares? Half-meter of water? PCH …. I understand that actually sit in relatively luxurious, though more resilient SUV , which has been built so that American moms drove away the children safely to school in the morning, while a total of poison briskly along the route. they rode the years of Soviet tanks and trucks Tatra. Previously, the drivers were available steering wheel, pedals and orders on hand, which should defend dimension. Today is my electric leather seats , ABS , Remote locking , darkening the mirror, a beautiful electrons or air conditioning. The world is full of paradoxes Holt. You may have noticed that the brick is not just the poorest Indian equipment. Perhaps to remind drivers to at least a little, what it can do, you’ll find at least Compass . But that is slowly time to go back and park it. Even when I sing (with thanks to inexperience can manage smudge virtually any part of their clothing from the mud, which I of course brought to body up here) I begin with me chasing her head, how many would probably still have to be my favorite Lada Niva . And, actually, why not buy just this piece? Over twenty thousand can be a really nicely appointed SUV is sensational engine, which, as the owner boasts the field never nejeté. If you’ve eroded, so do not hesitate, get bored with it really will not! (For those interested write to contact the owner). Once again, the disbelief I turn on the car and get it. We say all the time we went Mode 4×4 on the road. Perhaps it is something wrong with me ….

Finally, the owners ask a few questions:

Why did you choose exactly this car, it was your long-term dream, or a decision point?

Once I saw the same type, and I told the owner that such a car would once have liked. He asked me why it therefore can not buy, so I really bought it then.

How difficult was it to get this car?

The hardest thing is to choose and buy a car with a capacity greater than 2.0, but only for the first time.

How to live with the car in normal operation? And you have it for pleasure or for daily use?

Down the road, yes, but it would fine-tune a few details . Currently only for pleasure.

What was the most interesting experience with your car?

The first time a car drove up the hill without hesitation that I climbed after her.

Are you planning to do some adjustments or repairs?

Not yet.

What is your biggest motoring dream?

El Camino, Ford F-150, A Opel Kadett the races and the Toyota Tundra.

Photo and video: Blanka Mojdlová, Martin Tolar and archive owners

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