Review: 2.0 Mazda6 SKYACTIV-G vs. Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI – not medium as a medium

If you are currently planning to buy a limousine middle class, not at all easy selection. In your garage because they push models C5 and 508 PSA, Ford Mondeo, Toyota Avensis, Volkswagen Passat, Skoda Superb and brand-new Mazda6 . And it is not only talking about neprémiovém segment.

The last two cars, we decided to compare within the editorial test. I will not only deal with design, interior design and driving characteristics, but also the price and the difference between a supercharged TSI unit Skoda Superb and the new atmospheric unit SKYACTIV-G Mazda6. Superb dynamic will be tabulating the new Mazda finally enough?


KODO Design direction against a team Jozef Kaban . Somehow could be called in brief duel shapes new Mazda6 and Skoda Superb. While the second-generation Superb passed at the end of his life decent, but at first glance, a visible facelift Mazda6 was designed from the ground up as a new car . Both cars are subject to a unification of design, which in the case of Mazda refers to the model CX-fifth Superb shapes of the front and rear of the reports to Octavia, Rapid extension. Both cars are equipped with a diode daytime running lights, a point for the selection of materials for bumpers and exterior plastic components all takes Skoda Superb.

Although acts Superb bulky impression on all six of the key dimensions of losing. Japanese novelty is longer to about 37 mm, about 23 mm wide, 12 mm lower and 69 mm has a longer wheelbase. Both cars stand on the tires of the same width and height profile, but has Mazda in diameter rounds two inches to spare. While Superb are 17 “rims bit small, nineteen Mazda would not change it for the world.

The inner space

Although because of dimensional comparison of the two cars at first glance does not show Superb in more places . I do not mean that now that I felt uneasy at Mazda, in the longitudinal direction but loses to damages. Both cars are sitting quite low, even in the rear seats, where the position is often incompatible with sufficient centimeters in front of the knees of passengers. On this account, a person with a height of 180 cm to be Superb calmly leg over . In the width of the interior, however, Mazda wins and a fairly large margin. If you do not, the passenger next to you will not touch.

Skoda Superb thanks to long rear overhangs and a little jezevčíkovitému look wins in the size of the boot. A basic volume is 595 l 106 l Damage of Mazda and before it is not talking about a situation where the Superb fold the rear seatback. At that moment, you have 1700 liters of space . Do not get me wrong though – Mazda6 was designed as a sedan, while Skoda Superb liftback . Thanks to the handy system TwinDoor you can open the trunk and the entire rear window, which of course improves access to luggage. Due to the different design of both cars but it can not be bad for Mazda.

Comfort on all fronts

View on the dashboard of both cars will please the vast majority of European customers. In Japanese cars like the Mazda6, has long find large buttons with a mottled finish, even creaky plastic, which immediately scratched. Skoda so are in. Ergonomically on both fronts excellently mastered everything , please Mazda orientation TomTom navigation system display (for a reasonable surcharge of 12 500 CZK) more into the driver’s field of vision. The recipe for success is also very simple – just change the position of the central air vents.

Both cars can immediately find the perfect position to control thanks to a wide range of steering wheel and driver’s seat. Mazda could have longer cushions , and in hot weather would appreciate the function of ventilation. Superb namely the ventilated seat has, but the configurator is found only in packet GLAMOR (leather, ventilation and cupholder in the rear armrest) at a price of CZK 60 000. Mazda a white leather upholstery charge only 3500 CZK . However, there are unnecessary for some elements for which you pay lets Mazda bold. I’m thinking of becoming rugs at 2,186 CZK, illuminated sills with red lettering Mazda6 for 9412 CZK or illumination Wellcome pack for 3138 CZK. Personally, he would but all these elements are ordered. At the end of the test to find out why.

From the interior of the Mazda radiates natural sportiness, indicated immediately after the first behind the wheel and looking at the chapel devices with three tubes. Layout of digital devices while the Japanese chose a sophisticated approach to solve very – at the bottom of the speedometer will find information on the distance traveled and the entire right tube is restricted to HMI for classical driving data. Skoda went through elegance and proposed a design fit for a king. Nothing fancy, just tachometer, speedometer and large display board computer . The same applies to the rest of the dashboard and a three-spoke steering (from Octavia). Sports-based driver offend on its rim but better cared excluded hands with gold rings. Wheel Mazda6 has better touch racing gloves.


What would a mid-size sedan, if not in the middle of the dashboard huge touchscreen with a lot of buttons around. In both cases this claim only half – diagonal display multimedia systems is hardly approaching that in the new Octavia, however, the service is exemplary. In the case of the Superb with a long forefinger, eight buttons around the screen and two knobs. Mazda6 has a similar, but compared to the Superb has a handy swivel device located on the center tunnel. It means no messy fingers stretching a screen . If necessary, however, there is also the solution.

Europeans quickly get used to at Ser environment of Columbus in the Skoda Superb. However, the missing USB connectivity, which nowadays is almost a necessity. Mazda6 with portable drives means. However, the system groups all music files in a playlist, and what’s more, each time starting to return to the very first song. This awkward solution, however, makes up read capabilities of SMS on the display if you have your phone paired with the system via Bluetooth. Although it will not allow the Skoda Superb, with built-in TV tuner, but you can always watch your favorite TV shows.

Engine – Atmosphere turbo versus

About SKYACTIV technology , developed by Mazda despite widespread downsizing, has been written enough and long-term tests show that it works. What’s more, the atmospheric rotary powerplant adds to the sportiness cars and have a nice sound. Skoda bet on lower volume and turbocharging . The system has proven itself effective, but the fuel economy very dependent on driving style. So how does the car resulted in a direct comparison?

Engine test Mazda6 has a volume of 2.0 l power 121 kW at 6000 rpm. The car accelerates from 0-100 km / h for paper altogether neoslnivých 9.1 seconds can dash speeds up to 216 km / h and on average would not claim more than six liters per 100 kilometers of Natural. Superb contrast, is a little different league – TSI engine has a capacity of 1.8 liters , turbocharger, output of 118 kW at 4500 rpm and throws the car from a standstill to 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds . However, it is important to consider that it was tested Superb equipped 4×4 , which increases the acceleration of 0.2 seconds.

Skoda within Superb facelift focused solely on appearance. The new engine range to get prepared for the third generation, which will go on sale during the year 2015. In practice this means that we have under the hood EA111 engine series , which is compared with the new EA211 series of heavier, larger, It has lower power and a relatively high fuel consumption. It was during the test was around 9 l / 100 km. Remote routes are loss of about 7 liters 100 km.

Mazda against Skoda armed from the outset and within SKYACTIV technologies come with i-ELOOP , which aims to reduce fuel consumption. It is a system converting the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electric energy, which is stored in the capacitor, and then supplies all electrical equipment. Mazda claims that the system can save up to 10% fuel. I contend that it works. How else had been able to ride a two-liter atmospheric town after 7 l / 100 km? Hand in hand with this goes the i-Stop system, which automatically stops the engine at intersections. Thanks to the information HMI In addition, find out how long the engine has not been in operation and how many recovered energy is currently available.

Horse – youth versus experience

Somehow would epitomize the difference in driving both cars. Each of them will make you feel incredibly comfortable on the highway, and in okreskách. But Mazda joins two other things that it lacks Superb – sportiness and soul. It is also one of the main differences between the two vehicles – while the Mazda6 you anytime after exceeding 4000 rpm utmost says he wants more Superb has much riding on Laxer access .

This fact can be recognized especially in the corners. Mazda6 is equipped with one of the best management in this segment , which you will appreciate especially in hilly sections with alternating fast corners. Auto willingly changing direction whenever you say, by the standards of the middle class and unprecedented speed. Despite having front-wheel drive, even in crisis situations are significantly nehrne the bend. On the contrary – it is very funny, which is in the hands of an experienced driver a lot of fun. Chassis perfectly absorbs irregularities despite the use of 19 “wheels. Here you could take the example of some premium automakers! Praise falls on account six-speed manual gearbox. This is a very well tuned engine and move the lever between gears downright love you!

Skoda Superb filled to the last detail the purpose for which it was made . Comfortable limousine has an excellent soundproofing, which you will appreciate especially on the highway. Petrol osmnáctistovka begins to manifest more severely around 3000 rpm the minute. Unlike Mazda, however, has no power peak and slightly below 5000 rev / min begins to fade.

Driveability Superb affects 4×4. The system uses inter-connectors Haldex 4th generation , which can if necessary be converted to the rear axle by a simple power percentage. This does not mean that you can SUPERB drifting. On the contrary – Skoda While cornering thanks to greater weight throws carefully, in case of loss of adhesion at the front axle, however, things start happening. The system immediately forwards the required power to the rear wheels, which Superb swiftly improve the morals . However, it is better to allow for more comfortable chassis tuning, which is reflected in occasional rocking body. Control and six-speed manual transmission delight drivers 99% compared Mazda however feel less certainty about the central position of the steering wheel.


New Mazda6 and rejuvenated Škoda Superb me during the two weeks of testing have shown different approaches to one type of car. Skoda can boast vychytanými Simply Clever solutions, almost premium interior excess space and very comfortable chassis. Mazda against all managed with an absolute ignorance of something, such as downsizing, full of unprecedented elegance and sportiness Thanks to design direction KODO and completes all exceptional driveability.

When choosing a new car, of course, decide the price. This is the base for both vehicles completely identical (539,900 CZK – Mazda6 SKYACTIV-G 2.0 107 kW Emotion Superb 1.4 TSI 92kW Active) but if zabrouzdáme the other end of the spectrum, throw in the two cars and the motors under test the highest trim levels, we find price difference of CZK 40 000 in favor of the Mazda6 . For your extra money from the Japanese get more, mainly from the field “Assistance systems” – fitted Revolution is because i-stop, Regenerative i-ELOOP , SCBS to prevent a frontal collision at speeds up 30 km / h, Blind Spot RVM or LDWS system for warning against unintentional lane. When that then throw in metallic paint and optional equipment, of which I spoke to in paragraph describing the interior, you will still be far below the price of 800 000 CZK. With such amount in test Superb not count.

From my perspective, it can not determine exactly which car is better at the moment. But there is a solution – if you later date of birth and looking sports sedan, which you after a day in the office will put on the first country road smile on his lips, reach for Mazda. If you prefer, however, the passage of the graceful landscape while listening to soft music, buy a Skoda Superb. And go ahead and test the motor 1.8 TSI and 4×4 . While most people would have reached for the turbo, but for me Superb fit more precisely gasoline engine. When long-distance journeys in addition there is no difference in fuel consumption so significant.

Mazda6 2.0 Sky-G

Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI 4×4



– sporty design – facelift helped
– zdrařilý interior – Nearly premium interior
– low fuel consumption – spacious interior
– a powerful torque motor – comfort seats with ventilation
– reasonable price – quiet ride
– Elements equipment Revolution – driving comfort
– steering, shifting – System TwinDoor



– less space behind – consumption is very dependent on driving style
– higher prices of some first equipment – sometimes lacks power
– higher base price Elegance trim
Base price: 539 900 CZK Base price: 539 900 CZK
The test car: 767 289 CZK The test car: 950 500 CZK

Photo: AutoZine Petr Richter Photography

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