Presentation Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Evoque in Austria


Cars of the Land Rover are in our newsroom very popular. That made us more joy personal invitation to test two news This year in the Austrian Alps. Trips for journalists organized by the automaker Jaguar Land Rover are among the best, so expectations were high. Equally great was the curiosity to meeting new Land Rover Discovery Range Rover Evoque with a nine-automatic transmission.

Day One

Trip began on Wednesday, 22 January at two o’clock, when we went by bus 373 km long journey to Salzburg . The journey was pleasant and uneventful. A little after eight o’clock in the evening we arrived Ramada in in the center of Salzburg. After a quick list we all met for dinner at a nearby restaurant that says pub . After a long journey good dinner was more than welcome . Shortly after the twenty-third hour we went to the hotel because we had a difficult day.

Day Two

After breakfast we met at the reception, where we finally got to the heart and that was choice four-wheeled companion for the day Thursday. For him, we chose Range Rover Evoque in a beautiful metallic blue Mauritius in combination with aluminum accessories and devatenáctipalcovými wheels. Under the hood hiding engine Performance 188 horsepower . The biggest attraction of this car was new nine-automatic , which is to take care of a smooth and economical driving. About his qualities convinced us during the first tens of kilometers on the way to our morning’s goals in Tweng. Journey with Evoque was very pleasant and beautiful scenery accompanied us the whole trip. In Tweng for us was prepared Track the vast snow-icy surface .

After a short briefing with members of the Land Rover expirience We started with the first event, which was fast cornering , ideally skid. Within each discipline, we tried both Evoque and Discovery , where we had various engines. Next we tried the car’s behavior four modes : sand and snow, both alternately turned on and off with stabilization. Well-chosen set of curves demonstrate the quality of both cars and perfect controllability. Among other disciplines belonged traditional slalom , a sudden evasive maneuver before the obstacle and great ice circuit composed of various curves . Ready was the second circle, this time in the woods. Forest paths with vyjetými namrzlými tracks combined with a steep ascent, descent and deeper snow was suitable concentrate of , what would you have nature to prepare for the expedition. When we properly vydováděli, we gathered a few kilometers below to Obertauern for lunch.

Sufficiently refreshed, we went to the last destination of our journey, in Kaprun , where we waited accommodation in beautiful Tauern Spa Kaprun. A mere two hours to rest and have had enough of arrangement, since the nineteenth hour both cars ran presentation , where we were informed about the future plans and news about both models. Followed by dinner and free entertainment that I participated until about half past eleven as though it does not seem to Thursday’s day was really exhausting and full of experiences.

Day Three

The last day of the event had been purely in a relaxed mode, but we are the organizers of the Land Rover care of quality entertainment . The company was our Land Rover Discovery TDV6 in silver Siberian and powerful turbo diesel with an output of 244 hp. The first adventure was a short ride just outside of Kaprun, where we waited small activities like parking time , or cutting a tree trunk. Came in handy fruit tea in a kettle. Organizers of us chose wonderful winding roads off the main road so that we could travel to lunch at Die Gersbergalm generously enjoy inflict on the road and minimal traffic. After lunch at the hotel we parted and headed Prague .

Czech behalf of Jaguar Land Rover include big thank you for inviting our office to the event , which would hardly find flaws. Accommodation was at a high level, as well as the entire program that has been very well planned and we did not need to address any confusion or misunderstanding. That speaks for itself. Ready ice circuit was very well thought out, as well as preparing the way terrain. It is obvious that People from Land Rover expirience have years of experience and the program can get the maximum. Furthermore, I liked plan a trip to Salzburg the main road so that we can enjoy everything properly. Parked cars smelled of novelty and variety selection of equipment and motorization has been appropriately chosen. Jaguar Land Rover only confirm his image and the ability to organize an event at a high level . Communication was smooth, because the English are expected in this area, but the Austrian representatives also proficient Czech . A big thank you for their hospitality rent a car for the weekend .

Range Rover Evoque – First Impressions

Most probably you will be interested repeatedly mentioned nine-automatic . Driving with her is smooth shifting and individual levels is smooth without noticeable twitching. Option shift paddles on the steering wheel is no longer standard, but manual shifting many degrees is a fairly strenuous . The twisty hills but this possibility is very pleasant. Diesel four cylinder 2.2 liter provide power 188 horsepower, which are Evoque fully sufficient. Driving with it is flexible and definitely get everywhere on time. On the icy track Evoque was alive and without persuasion allowed playful but safe ride . In the mode “Sand” you car allow more drifting , but the approaching a dangerous situation, electronic all-wheel drive immediately hit and the car equalized.

After stabilization off the ride even more enjoyable, but ESP is getting ready to hit . In the “Snow” then the car is fully controllable even during evasive maneuver at 60 km / h. Regardless of the surface, you have a car still under control , which in alpine conditions, provides a pleasant feeling of calm and security. Even though Evoque looks like City stylovka field has proved excellent. His ability to completely cover the claims of ordinary driver, who in real life use only about 40% of its true potential .

Land Rover Discovery – First Impressions

Voyager weighing 2.7 tons was dignified and comfortable companion. He made a big impression on me, and after the first day I loved it . I liked it so much so that I did not want him to say goodbye, and I extended the company for another three days. Therefore, detailed information about the car, < strong> classic in our editorial test . The one that I took at the weekend, but not the one with whom I raced in Austria. There me company stronger version with an output of 244 horsepower . An ideal choice for such a Mammoth because it gave perfect dynamics and strong motor is always welcome. The interior was a lot of special equipment corresponding versions. Automatic transmission should “only” eight speed , but its running my lost smoother than the smaller Evoque. The road with this car was very pleasant and overall luxury interior was soothing and very well treated. There are a lot of cars that can handle the same conditions as the Discovery, but he can do it with such ease and aristocratic refinement .