Porsche introduces the concept of Mission E


The future of Porsche is in the words of their representatives in the plug-in hybrids or electric cars . The inspiration for these cars is the concept of Mission E , the first-ever four-Porsche electric drive.

Electric Mission E uses a total of two, one on each axle, wherein at slower speeds in perpetuity only the rear. Individual performances automaker does not, but overall could sedan produce 600 horsepower , stačících to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds and from 0 to 200 km / h in less than 12 seconds. Both motors have automatic torque split between the wheels Porsche Torque Vectoring , is also present in the wheels of the rear axle. Despite the higher weight and Porsche Mission handle E Nordschleife under eight minutes , which is also merit possibility of re-acceleration and deceleration (the problem of some current electric vehicles). Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 95 kWh, below the floor, occupies the full length between the front and rear axles, the weight is distributed evenly between the two axles, and sufficient range approximately 500 km . Completely new charging system, operating at a voltage of 800 V. This brings shorter charging times lower weight, since lighter copper wires with reduced cross-section to transfer sufficient energy. If you own a desired connection, you can have 80 percent of battery capacity after 15 minutes, which is a new record among electric vehicles. Alternatively, you can connect the car charger to 400 V or gain energy inductively in the garage of the house.

Only 130 cm tall brilliant white body is made of functional mixtures of aluminum, steel and plastic reinforced with carbon fibers, its design and then through an electrical drive carries all typical signs Porsche . The main word in its creation should aerodynamics. Integrated air ducts and improved wrapping wheels, the outputs on the side surfaces reduce pressure in the wheel arches and the aerodynamic lift. Obviously the aerodynamic inputs and outputs along the entire length of the body, respectively, more efficient Cameras rather than mirrors , the image is transferred to the lower corner of the windscreen. Besides airflow attract attention to the LED diode headlights whose units are grouped around a flat sensors for driver assistance systems, which borders works like blinkers. Fenders, low bonnet, depression in the roof or the side window line – these elements refers electric sedan with opposite-opening the door to the legendary 911 (that Porsche wanted us something?). It plays back mainly to a three-dimensional backlit sign Porsche under belt LEDkových rear lights. Characteristic is rapidly sloping window and pulled fenders. In them are hidden 22-inch carbon fiber wheels are the front wheels of an inch smaller.

Cab converts the current models of German car components to future , the main motives are open, clean shapes, clear architecture, focusing on the driver and practicality. Foursome passenger has individual seats, whose model were shell racing models. The instrument panel consists of five alarms (function Connected Car, Performance, Drive, Energy, Sport Chrono), but they are not analogous, but from the organic diode OLED. For many large sci-fi is eye tracking system , which, thanks to the camera detects the device on which the driver looks. Pressing a button on the steering wheel activates the corresponding menu and driver can navigate in it – also in collaboration with the perspective of recognition and manual confirmation. Thanks to the so-called parallax effect is also monitored the position of the driver’s seating and posture. If you sit below, above or leans to one side, responds 3D display alarms and moves with him. Key information on the features of the car (media, navigation, air conditioning or contacts) carries holographic display , stretching to the passengers. His control is carried out using only gestures. The central tunnel is then a second display, touch control. With the Porsche Car Connect it is also possible to configure the vehicle outside the tablet.

Source: Porsche