Porsche 911 RST – Made for night


Even as a small Bjørn Baadsvik Norwegian Sandefjord aware of the differences between the cars. And if he liked Porsche 930 Turbo . Maybe is not surprising that his first car was then Volkswagen Beetle , which then completely reworked interior and dampers. At twenty, then bought a black Porsche 911 SC generation 930 , which five years later was replaced by gray copy version of Turbo . When he managed to fulfill his dream, he decided to discover the beginnings of cars Porsche akoupil type 356B T6 Cabriolet Super and restore it to its original state.

By the time the work was done, he knew that would not last just sit on my hands. Thus, his beetle sold and bought in the US 911 T from 1969, which urgently needed renovation. The Bjorn took two years, moreover, used only period pieces. Nakon created replica 911 RST 1973 in the colors Gulf . Under the rear hood, the new engine version 2.7 of RS with an output of 200 hp. Shock absorbers are available from Koni , brakes again to version 911 with ceramic tiles and ventilated discs. For versions RS is a complete lightweight sports bodykit and interior.

In Norway, it is very easy to use so great car. Just drive out of the garage and go, because all the surrounding roads are absolutely amazing. Bjørn often proyezd few hours, but usually not tired. Sound and feel of accelerating 911 is simply addictive. And wherever his car arrives, it also people or filming. His three daughters trucks Porsche loved and often it begs for a ride in the Gulf RST or 356 , where they wind ruffles their hair long. A Bjørn always happy to meet them. Only in winter is waiting n another grueling season. Fortunately, it can devote prepare both cars for the winter.

Source: Petrolicious