Porsche 911 – From cards to the garage


We played it as a child all take Quartet with cars and then topped values ​​such as power, speed or engine capacity. Who has more wins soupořovo card. Neither Wade Devers from Massachusetts was no exception this once won a card with a white R 911 red wheels Fuchs labeled Carrera at the bottom edge of the door. And Wade suddenly had a new dream place Lamborghini Countach < / a>.

Today, 39 years later, a friend Darina Wade, who is engaged in renovating and selling classic cars. Once, after odsledování show Wheeler Dealers , called him to make him try to get the type of 944 that in that part not performed. For lesser-known types 914 928 944 Wade had always had a weakness. But instead offers 944 him from Darina came MMS text: “ do not need 944, but this! ” and photo black 911 Carrera generation 930 giant rear spoiler. To this day, Wade can not believe that he has this car is in the garage.

This car is because his childhood dream and at the same car in which to falling in love throughout their lives. On their wedding refuses to rent a limo and better himself and his wife drove in Carrera , although at that time it was just a red borrowed from a friend. Then he told her that he wanted such a car once. And she agreed. In addition, type 911 is amazing because he can not just stand in the garage as a collector’s piece. They must ride. No reason is a great opportunity to ride! There was milk or bread? Or do you have a taste for candy? So jump into your Porsche and Sweep you along to the store. Until the snow does not lie on the road, Porsche Wade is constantly in motion. He does not play golf with his friends when he has such a great car.

911 are simply born to management, all in one CIITA, all you hear . Even smells like pure essence of management. A popular way Wade repeated every year. His son go to the circuit Limerock Park Race Connecticut at the historic festival. The journey itself leads the stunning twisty roads that are ideal for Carrera. And when approaching the place is techné morning drowned out the roar of old racing cars. That you the willies.

Source: Petrolicious