Peugeot reveals the Frankfurt concept Fractal


Today notorious i-Cockpit French Peugeot first appeared in 2010 in the bowels of the SR1 concept. The serial 208 found its way two years later, and to this day he came to more than 1.8 million customers . His last show the evolution of the Hessian metropolis concept Fractal , particularly interesting body type coupe-cabriolet.

Only 3.81 meters long and 1.77 meters high concept with extremely short overhangs with a length of 0.52 meters in front and rear design follows the latest models of the French lion. The front lights are similar to the cutout 308 and through the belt LEDs extended until the bumper rear Lamy pattern claws are completely diode. A popular feature Peugeot’s two-tone bodywork Fractal combines black and silver. Removable roof is translucent strip in the middle, seemingly substitute sunroof. A little out of proportion to the compact chassis are 19-inch wheels on low profile tires.

To enter the interior through upstream opening doors , is dominated by the already mentioned several times and Cockpit. Its dominant feature is a substitute 12,3palcový display alarms, additional information, but also provides a head-up display, consisting of 45stupňovým polycarbonate strip . An integral part of the i-Cockpit is also the steering wheel, where this concept resembling the shape of Formula 1 cars, with two contact surfaces. If you are looking for a second screen on the center console, then just look on the center tunnel where the “throne” 7,7palcový AMOLED display through which to control all functions of the car. The main technology that is cab Fractal created a three-dimensional printing. Next to the driver’s compartment, the second supporting element audio 9.1.2 , consisting of three centers of the front, two height and two woofers, rear and subwoofer two height, two center and one subwoofer. The rear part of each seat is also equipped with two-channel subwoofer system that does not transmit sound by air, but a solid mass.

The drive provides pair of electric motors , one of an output of 102 hp at each axle, with a total output of 204 hp. Lithium-ion battery capacity of 30 kWh allows the car to travel 450 kilometers, thanks to the 1000 kg Fractal fire to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds and a kilometer standing start is capable in 28.8 seconds . An interesting element is a variable height in the range of 70 to 110 mm.

Source: Peugeot