Peugeot showed the racing 308 GTi

The Peugeot 308 is doing well, which is underlined, among other things, by the sporty GT and GTi versions. And it was from the latter that the engineers of the Peugeot Sport team derived the racing special 308 Racing Cup .

Its 4288 mm long body gives the impression that aerodynamics played a major role in the creation of this special, through a lower structure, a new front bumper, a rear diffuser and, finally, a massive spoiler according to the WTCC rules. Thanks to widened fenders, which are able to accommodate wider 18-inch wheels, the overall width has increased by 106 mm to a total of 1910 mm.

The engine is powered by the same turbocharged 16 THP as in the standard 308 GTi, but thanks to the turbocharger from the 208 T16, the output has increased to 308 hp. Moreover, this value is only the basic one, because Peugeot itself states that with further development, even more can be squeezed out of the engine. Important for a racing car is the weight, which the French managed to reduce to a value between 1000-1050 kilograms . The polycarbonate side and rear windows certainly have their share in this. The chassis uses elements of the axle system, such as the pivots and the rear beam, from the road model, on the other hand, the engineers chose specific parts, especially for the brakes , which are equipped with six-piston calipers, in order to adapt the car to racing conditions. The six-speed gearbox has sequential control and is controlled by levers under the steering wheel.

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The circuit career of the 308 Racing Cup will begin at the end of 2016 . Peugeot assumes that it will replace the retired RCZ racing coupe in its own brand championship, but it is also expected to participate in endurance races and touring car races.

Source: Peugeot