One Nissan IDx is almost certain serial production


These concepts IDx we have already heard some time ago, but the idea of ​​a production version was only in my head as an unrealistic wish. But she is also on paper. CEO of Nissan, Andy Palmer , that confirmed the plan automaker – to offer in the future said one concept for customers .

It is not yet decided whether we will see Version Nismo or Freeflow . We can only confirm that one of them certainly will. Probably it will be the model included under the Nissan 370Z , it will match the size, power and price. Dimensions should be similar for both concepts. Length will be 4.1 meters, 1.3 meters in height and width will Freeflow 1.7 meters, but will Nismo about 0.1 meters wide.

During the performance of both concepts Nissan suggested that under the hood series model could appear Freeflow engine with 1.2 and 1.5 liter in combination with a CVT. For version Nismo then 1.6-liter engine . Supplementing it will be CVT-speed transmission system synchronization speed. In both cases, the output transmitted to the rear axle in the style of the classic legend Nissan Skyline. His shapes are also inspired by Nissan, especially model of 1972 .