Mitsubishi shall modernized European specification Outlander PHEV


Rejuvenated Mitsubishi Outlander A few days ago we entered the Czech market at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show will have its European premiere plug-in hybrid version. It boasts not only a modified design, but also a little lower CO2 emissions.

Outlander PHEV won the so-called. Dynamic Shield not only a new grille, revised bumpers but also a greater amount of chromium. On both ends of the cars are full-LED LED lights , front additionally complemented by LED daytime running lights. Especially for these embodiments are intended 18-inch two-tone wheels . Cabin at first glance does not change too much, according to the press release, however, it is in all respects better and better treated, in addition to it penetrates less vibration and noise (allegedly was carried out over 30 amendments, including a new door closing). To better fit your hand spoke steering wheel before which are easily adapted alarm clocks with contrast stitching instrument panel. Seats are not only valuable surcharge brown leather upholstery, but it is also a standard driver’s electrically adjustable.

The chassis boasts more grip , overall drivability is improved management and underline. As the greenest Outlander from a variety will however plug-in hybrid is subjected to more tests economy, which intends to shine a 2 g / km lower average CO2 emissions (total of 42 g / km). Quite the opposite is the improved acceleration and faster response plug-in hybrid drivetrain, however further details have not published yet three diamonds. Thanks V2H technology Outlander PHEV can, if necessary, and sufficient battery charge, even a substitute for domestic power supply. The safety equipment is a new system, mitigating the consequences of a collision through monitoring traffic in front and behind the vehicle, respectively, panoramic camera system Multi-around Monitor View.

Source: Mitsubishi