Mitsubishi L200 MOUNTAIN SHERPA review – an expedition special that is not afraid of work

The current generation Mitsubishi L200 has been with us for a long time. The latest modernization brought this successful pick-up not only a significant revival, but also a new drive unit, a more sophisticated chassis and new electronic assistants for off-road driving. Relatively recently, the offer also includes a "two-hundred" with the designation Plus, i.e. a variant offering a more powerful drive unit.

The representative office of the Mitsubishi car company quite regularly "supplies" us with variously modified cars from its portfolio. These are mainly expedition specials, one of them was, for example, the tested Pajero Expedition or L200 in Rock Proof design .

Now we got the opportunity to test another of these interesting cars, the Mitsubishi L200 MOUNTAIN SHERPA. The car, whose roots point to Slovakia, already at first glance suggests that it will be another "guy's" vehicle that can handle the terrain with ease and simply doesn't "stink" at work.


The current generation Mitsubishi L200 will offer the same shapes as the Eclipse Cross model. The shaping of the front part itself is very typical and thus creates the current design direction of the car company. The front part of the car has a pair of curved lines that underline the headlights. From this element, both the front mask and the distinctive niche hiding the direction and fog lights are subsequently developed.

The two-seater still remains faithful to the typical, slightly angled side profile. The short overhang of the front part of the body is followed by a double cabin, shifted to the rear axle. This entire section is then closed by a body creating a relatively significant rear overhang.

The MOUNTAIN SHERPA design takes the exterior appearance of the L200 a significant step further. At first glance, the raised Oldman EMU chassis (+5cm) is clearly visible, the car is also equipped with a Safari snorkel, the front LED Bushranger 32" light bar with intensity control or the rear LED Bushranger 5.5" work lights are also clearly visible.

The Predator 12000 front winch with synthetic rope and a pulling force of up to 5450 kg cannot escape the eye either. Underneath the announced winch, the chassis sheeting from ARB peeks out, which protects the engine, gearbox and tank. In addition to chassis protection, we also have practical and very good-looking frames along the sills. The body of the car is decorated with a discreet tubular frame and a two-piece lid with gas struts.

In addition, the MOUNTAIN SHERPA version is complemented by discreet and thematic decals, which complement the successful not only expedition modification of this model.


The high-end equipment of the tested piece gave a very rich impression. The car's interior equipment included, for example, leather upholstery on all seats, the front ones with the possibility of heating in two levels, as well as a multifunctional four-spoke steering wheel, the possibility of shifting paddles under the steering wheel, automatic dual-zone air conditioning, lane departure assistant, keyless control or a parking camera.

The dashboard of the car offers quite massive proportions, it is clear and you have everything at hand. It is dominated by the touch screen that manages the audio system, phone and, of course, navigation. In the central part of the dashboard, we also have controls for the two-zone automatic air conditioning, or control of the heating of the front seats and USB ports. In the case of our car, the controller for the front pneumatic differential lock and the compressor.

The central tunnel has an automatic transmission selector and a circular powertrain selector, as well as a classic handbrake, a space for storing a drink container and an armrest.

The indicators in the instrument panel in front of the driver are classic analog. A small digital display is then placed between them, which informs you about consumption, range, kilometers driven, the currently engaged gear, or the selected type of drivetrain.

Overall, the interior of the 200 is spacious, the seats themselves offer sufficient dimensions, and the passengers in the back seats do not suffer from any shortage of space.

The body of the DOUBLE CAB version offers an area of 1.52 x 1.47 meters and it is possible to load up to a ton of cargo. The MOUNTAIN SHERPA modification equipped the body with a pull-out surface with a non-slip surface and lashing eyes on the sides. The sturdy mechanism makes it easier to handle things that are stored in the cargo bed.

The interior of the L200 definitely does not deny its working origins, but thanks to this, its strengths also include a certain fortitude. As usual, I would like to wish him a certain rejuvenation and overall unification of the graphic treatment of the individual controllers.

Offered motorizations and driving impressions

The Mitsubishi L200 is offered with a turbocharged four-cylinder DI-D diesel engine with a power of 110 kW, this engine has 400 Nm of torque. The offer also includes this drive unit with increased performance, under the trade name Plus. In this case, the power of the four-cylinder diesel engine is increased from 110 kW to 127 kW, and the torque value is adjusted from 400 Nm to 502 Nm. These modifications have no effect on the warranty itself, which continues for 7 years or up to 150,000 km.

We have experience with the L200 Plus from a previous editorial test of this pick-up. The increase in power and torque values are not completely necessary, but in the context of the low increase in the purchase price of the car, I would lean toward it.

The SHERPA currently tested by us had the announced basic 110 kW drive unit. In most cases, it has adequate performance and gets along very well with the six-speed automatic transmission. Changing the individual speeds is more deliberate, but still quite smooth, and the driving performance is also very user-friendly for this "working man" thanks to the automatic.

The average consumption of the tested version with an automatic transmission was a respectable value of around 9.0 liters per 100 km during the weekly test.

In terms of chassis, the car is based on a classic rigid frame. In the case of the SHERPA, the chassis is raised by 50 mm thanks to a kit from Oldman EMU. You will appreciate the increase itself most in terms of the car's cross-country ability, in the case of a classic asphalt surface, it manifests itself in a rather soft and even rocking tuning.

The two-seater already has Super Select-II all-wheel drive from the second equipment level. Part of this system is an inter-axle differential lock that ensures exceptional off-road capabilities. At the same time, it regulates the distribution of torque between the axles in 4H mode (classic four-wheel drive with open differentials), thus contributing to good handling and easy driving on various surfaces. In case of deteriorating conditions, you switch to the 4HLc (closed inter-axle differential) mode, which is designed for rugged terrain, or to the 4LLc (reduced gear) mode, designed for climbing a steep slope, mud or deep snow. This system is complemented by a rear differential lock as standard, the tested SHERPA also had a pneumatic lock for the front differential from ARB.

The car was also equipped with the OFF ROAD assistant, which adapts the behavior and reactions of the vehicle depending on the selected mode and the surface. These modes include Gravel, Mud/Snow, Sand or Rock. The system then automatically adjusts engine power, transmission settings and braking characteristics for optimal driving characteristics.

In conclusion

The Mitsubishi L200 is available at a promotional price from CZK 883,250 including VAT, it is the basic Invite equipment with a 110 kW diesel under the hood and a six-speed manual transmission. You can buy the more powerful Plus version in the basic version from 910,850 CZK including tax. The next equipment level is Intense, here a six-speed automatic is also available. The top-of-the-range Instyle starts at 1,132,650 CZK, the more powerful Plus version from 1,160,250 CZK including VAT.

Increasing the purchase price by individual adjustments is then quite individual. The representative office of the car manufacturer provides its interested parties with modifications according to their ideas.

The Mitsubishi L200 has been a trusted pick-up truck with inherent advantages for years. The current generation will offer a fresh and dynamic design, a sturdy and spacious interior, and the Plus version will also have improved driving dynamics. Reasonable purchase prices are also among the advantages of the two hundred.

The currently tested version of MOUNTAIN SHERPA is able to enrich the car in a pleasant way, significantly improving its cross-country ability and noticeably spicing up the exterior appearance of the car, and those who work in less accessible places will also benefit from it.

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