Mercedes-Benz Antos and Actros also as a caravan

The 54th edition of the Caravan Salon event was recently held in Düsseldorf . And it was here that the Mercedes-Benz car company prepared the premiere of two heavy trucks, Antos and Actros , adapted as motorhomes.

The Antos 2543 L with M cab received a Vario Alkoven 1200 superstructure with living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and garage for a Mercedes-Benz SLK passenger car. The interior space can be increased by sliding parts of the rooms to the sides. The interior uses real marble and wood , there are also two 32-inch televisions, a camera system, a washing machine with a dryer and a central vacuum cleaner. The car's battery has a capacity of 1200 Ah and can be recharged solarally. The tank can hold 390 liters of diesel, the other 500 liters of drinking water. The car is powered by a six-cylinder diesel engine with a volume of 10.7 liters and an output of 315 kW.

The larger Actros 2542 L with GigaSpace cab has a turbocharged six-cylinder diesel engine with a volume of 12.8 liters and an output of 310 kW. On his back he carries the Centurion 1200 superstructure, which again has sliding side walls. The interior is even better equipped, lighting is provided by LED diodes, in the kitchen you will also find a dishwasher or underfloor heating. A garage for a car is a matter of course.

Source: Mercedes-Benz