Lexus is a slightly modified hatchback CT 200h


Within the European production Lexus to CT 200h hybrid hatchback does not enjoy any special popularity. It is a bit different in the case of North America, which in turn are hybrid vehicles a symbol of good taste. And to maintain awareness of the C-segment model, the Japanese automakers now resorted to small modernize .

Already two years ago received the smallest Lexus characteristic radiator grille shaped spindle, which is now further enhanced new chrome frame . Within optional equipment will be available e lektricky sunroof with manually operated sunshade. For further individualisation must resort to line F Sport , containing in addition to the optical body kit also restrained chassis modification.

The cabin also remained unchanged, while the attention of engineers, this time focused on linking multimedia system with smartphone customer. Through the application Enform Remote The CT 200h owners can remotely control some functions of the car, by Enform Service Control Connect provides information about upcoming service operations or diagnose car. Both news are of course part of the optional equipment.

Under the hood beats continued glow osmnáctistovka in combination with an electric motor and automatic e-CVT total output of 136 hp. Consumption in mixed mode only 5.6 l / 100 km.

Source: Lexus