Jeep CJ-5 Laredo – found it after thirty years


Ryan Winburn always loved old Jeeps . And still remembers the night when he was on beer with a neighbor Chip , the original owner of brown CJ-5 Laredo . But soon after, Ryan’s family moved and since then has seen a Jeep. And gradually lost contact with Chip. The whole family but Ryan knew how much he wants his CJ-5, so he looked for a suitable car to buy. When he once called his grandfather and throw brown CJ-5 Laredo. And it was former chip Lardeo (unfortunately he died mzitím), which was the nickname of Choco-Chip .

Ryan could not believe his luck, and he knew that this car simply must have. And that it will have to fix into what he remembered from his youth. Does it mean a complete renovation to look like from when it left the factory belt. Patina is because on this very important car. It is the perfect car to the beach, as you can see on the photos Ericka Denta. Although the paint and has the best years behind him, the car still looks perfect and original. four-cylinder engine but works precisely and into the field with the light and small car Ryan also need not worry. On the beach loaded with surfboards with him at home

Source: Petrolicious