How to replace trunk lid struts

trunk lid struts

If you have a car in a body version that is referred to as a hatchback, the trunk lid is called the fifth door . This is also related to its opening itself, which of course offers access to your entire car. If the car is new, there shouldn't be any problem with opening, as the trunk struts work perfectly and very well. However, over time, possible defects may appear, in which we need to proceed in such a way that we eliminate the problem. The ideal procedure is to replace the trunk lid struts. Due to its overall simplicity, even a beginner can definitely handle it.

This necessity can appear in two situations. The first situation is that we open the trunk lid by default, let it slide up, but when commuting we clearly observe that the movement is not smooth. It is quite fast, which logically means that the lid of the trunk hits quite quickly when reaching the end of the range, which puts a lot of stress on the individual joints. Furthermore, a situation may arise when the luggage compartment lid is opened, but if it is in the upper position, it does not hold and gradually descends. This problem can appear all year round, just as it can be associated only with the winter season, when it is most striking.

What is the cause?

In both cases, the specific cause is the same. This is nothing more than bad trunk struts. At first glance, quite inconspicuous elements, but they have a key function. The reason for their overall non-functionality may not be anything other than just classic age and therefore general fatigue of the material, which will logically be reflected in their lack of functionality. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the struts of the luggage compartment lid.

Dismantling of existing struts

First, you need to start dismantling the existing struts. This procedure is of course different for different cars and cannot be generalized. In any case, you need to know that two people should be available for this. This is because disassembly takes place when the trunk lid is raised and one person has to hold it. It is possible to support it, but due to the handling and possible movement of the car, it is simply true that the support can slip and the lid will fall. This must be kept in mind. Especially if you want to eliminate not only your possible injury, but this should be kept in mind, for example, when you also want to eliminate possible damage to the trunk lid, which can happen when its speed is not braked in any way and it hits the bodywork hard your car.

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If the lid is well secured, it is possible to proceed with the disassembly itself. As we have already mentioned, it can be individual for different cars, but not significantly complicated. The recommended proven procedure is to first release the clip, thanks to which we will be able to simply pull the strut from the pin. This procedure is valid, for example, on Skoda Octavia cars and many others. More force is often required during disassembly, as the original struts can hold in place quite well. At the same time, don't forget that you should be careful and avoid any potential damage. In such a case, it would be necessary to purchase a complete part of the installation element, which is located at the given location. Here, it would be necessary to expect, for example, higher prices.

Installing a new strut

As soon as the strut is removed, it is possible to proceed to the second, and in fact the final stage of the entire trunk lid strut replacement. Now we will take the new strut in our hands, which of course we will simply snap into place. That is, exactly where the original strut was previously placed. If we are sure that everything is in place and the new one has been installed successfully, it is possible to move to the other side of the trunk lid. Follow the exact same procedure here, starting with releasing the clip and pulling the strut off the pin. Then you just snap on a new strut.

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Try the functionality

The replacement is over, which also means the need to test whether the trunk lid struts are actually working as they should. The first test should be done with caution, so we prefer to hold the lid the whole time it opens, as well as make sure it stays in place. The second test should be associated with the fact that we can now open it classically, without any worries.

If it runs smoothly and stops slowly, as well as staying in place without any problems when opened, we are sure that the replacement was simply successful and everything is working as it should. It should last like this for at least the next few years.

How and where to choose struts?

When choosing struts, we recommend not always going the route of the cheapest manufacturer, as it must be taken into account that this is a relatively stressed part of the car, which should definitely last. For this reason too, we recommend mainly going the quality route. Of course, it is not always necessary to look only at original spare parts, where a significant part of the price is, for example, only the manufacturer's logo. It is ideal to go the route of non-original spare parts, but with the certainty that they will be really high-quality parts, thanks to which there will be no problem with their service life.

The right choice must also be logically linked to the type of your car. It is not only the car manufacturer or the specific model of your car that plays a role. What further plays a role is certainly the model range, as well as the generation of your car. Only then will you be sure that the trunk lid struts will really fit well and will be compatible with your car. So you are sure that you have really chosen correctly.