How to adjust headlights

Adjusting the lights

It’s winter, which usually also means a period when the mornings are still dark for a long time and the evenings also get dark quite early. And that means the fact that we should not only have our headlights in order, but it should also come to the point that we should have them well adjusted. Only in this way will we be sure that we will not dazzle the driver in front of us, just as we will be sure that we can see in front of us quite well and also without any problems.

Before we look at the actual adjustment of the lights, it is certainly necessary not to forget a few preparatory procedures. From the factory, the lights are adjusted taking into account the fact that our car is not loaded or loaded in any way. If you have heavier objects in the trunk or anywhere else, they need to be removed. In short, make sure that nothing weighs on your car, as this could affect the adjustment of the lights. Also, don’t forget to set the right angle of the lights. There is no need for any experience or knowledge, as you simply set a specific switch to the so-called zero. And in this position the lights are adjusted.

Open the hood and find the right place

The procedure is the same for most cars. And there is really nothing complicated about it. The first step is to open the hood. As soon as it is open, you can direct your gaze to the area of the lights themselves. If you look at them from their top, you can probably identify quite easily the required hole, which is meant to allow the lights to be properly adjusted. Remember that the adjustment can take place not only with respect to the slope up or down, but also to the left or right. That’s good to know too. In this case, do not forget that you need to find two specific holes through which the lights will be adjusted.

It is also important to think about what specific tools are needed to adjust the lights. For most cars, nothing complicated is needed, as only an Allen key will do the job. In some cases, a slightly longer Allen key may be needed, as it needs to be inserted deeper into the given hole. Once you know that it is in place, you can start the adjustment.

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How does regulation occur?

You also need to know how the lights are adjusted. It is nothing more than regulation through the motor. It simply happens that we turn the Allen key, and because of this the lights simply move. When turning to one side, they move upwards, when turning to the other side, they again move quite logically downwards. We choose the direction we want to set the lights. If we feel that they shine too much into the ground, they need to be raised. If, on the other hand, we have problems with the fact that we dazzle the surrounding drivers who blink at us, it is ideal to point the light downwards.

It is ideal if one light is in perfect order and only the light of the other is scattered. In this case, we can regulate the given light so that the lighting height corresponds to the correct one. This is the simplest possible solution that the light adjustment can offer.

How to ensure the same height for both?

We already know how to adjust the lights. Specific holes and an Allen key will help us with this. The question may still be how to specifically ensure that the lights are adjusted the same. So that the light stream is at the same height, which is optimal for us. In this case, the procedure is very simple. If you have a garage, just drive into it, so that you stand with the car against a straight wall. Once you turn on the lights, it is possible to observe their specific top lines quite well on the given wall. Subsequently, it is not a problem to adjust the slope in such a way that the specific lines are in the same plane for both lights. Remember that you will never really achieve millimeter accuracy in a given direction. This procedure is fully sufficient for normal home adjustment.

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If you don’t have a garage, don’t worry. All you have to do is find a suitable space where you can be sure that your car will stand 100% level. At the same time, a straight wall should also be available in this space, on which you can shine the light and thus be able to measure their slope much better.

How to professional adjustment?

If adjusting your lights at home is not enough for you, it may be necessary to visit a professional. Here you need to know that a so-called regloscope is used to precisely adjust the lights. This is a device that displays just the image of light. Different garages may have it. It is also good to know that technical control stations must also have it. It is also possible to arrange a professional adjustment here. Often for free or for a nominal fee.

If you are due for a mandatory technical inspection in the future, we definitely have another piece of good news for you. During it, the worker will not only check your lights, but if there is any problem with them, he has the obligation to adjust them adequately for you so that the luminous flux of both lights is the same and correct. This is one of the main positives of technical controls. This adjustment will take place free of charge, as part of the price of the entire tour.

Set the correct angle of the lights

Once you have adjusted the lights and you are sure that with an empty car their adjustment is indeed correct, do not forget that their inclination must also be adjusted while you are driving. If you load a lot of heavier things into your boot, it’s logical that the front of the car can rise a few centimeters. In such a case, it is completely sufficient to set a value other than zero on your adjuster inside the car. It will be a plus value. Choose a lower or higher value depending on the loaded suitcase.