Honda unveiled a new hydrogen concept


Honda FCX Clarity was the first and very important step in the the hydrogen program automaker . His successor in 2016 will become a model for the time being used on behalf of FCV, which has already been foreshadowed last concept FCEV .

Compared FCEV has its evolution a little more serial design with conventional mirrors and realistic representation of the back. Thus, we should see it even in serial form. This main however hidden under the body, wherein the working hydrogen powered with power more than 100 kW and high pressure (70 MPa) hydrogen tank that the model has a range over 700 km.

The entire hydrogen systems (powertrain fuel cell) being the 33% smaller than the FCX Clarity , so it fits under the front hood. It means, among other things increase the passenger compartment, which comes to a total of five cars. Compared to the previous solution hydrogen occurred not only saves space, but also improved dynamics up a whopping 60%!

If a completely empty hydrogen tank takes its completion by a Honda something about three minutes . This compares to regular refueling time models with conventional drive. Very interesting is the possibility of making the FCV mobile electricity generator , which you can in case of need or disaster supply important electricity-powered devices.

Source: Honda