Honda introduced an interesting concept


Despite the 80 engineers and designers took part in the internal competition, Honda aimed at achieving excellence team members in the framework of cooperation on a project. The winner was draft Project 2 & 4 , built in partnership with the Center for Research and Development in the motorcycle ASAC and centers for research and development of automobiles in Wako.

The open seater with frameworks, inspired formulas Honda RA272 , according to a press release combines “unique results brand in the design of motorcycles and cars.” A two-wheeled transport vehicles to Project 2 & 4 lends primarily drive unit. That is four-stroke four-cylinder content of 999 cm 3 , derived from racing type RC213V. Maximum power 215 horsepower at 13,000 RPM and 118 Nm of torque at 10,500 rpm to the rear wheels six-speed dual clutch transmission . 3040 mm long, 1820 mm wide and only 995 mm tall machine weighs only 405 kg , which promises very good dynamic properties.

The engine is mounted next to the interior, which, however, in addition to the seat, steering wheel, instrument panel and futuristic pedal does not offer much else. The seat is also freely suspended above the ground , which together with a maximum of 14,000 rpm bring the drivers’ experience free ride on a motorcycle. “

Source: Honda