Honda has signed a partnership with GM in developing fuel cells


General Motors and Honda , leaders in the development of fuel cells , have signed a long-term cooperation contract in the development of a new generation already mentioned fuel cells and hydrogen storage systems.

In addition to the development of new technologies, the two automakers will try to to expand the network of filling stations with hydrogen . Because their density is currently very poor, but at the same time without have fuel cell cars a chance to succeed.

Executive Director GM Dan Akerson said: “This cooperation is based on the strong positions of Honda and GM in developing fuel cells. We believe that this is the best way to further develop this important technology that has the potential to reduce dependence on oil. “

His counterpart at Honda Takanobu Ito adds: “Honda and GM wants accelerate the penetration of this technology to the mainstream market. I am thrilled that this collaboration combines our leading technology in the field of fuel cells and create advanced system that will be more effective and affordable. “

And when can we expect the first fruits of the new collaboration? According to the data available to not earlier than in 2020 . Before that, however, indicating a successor Honda FCX Clarity.

Source: GM and Honda