BMW released the first images of the model GT 3


The Munich premium automobile manufacturer BMW the first time today officially published the first images of the new model, which bear the designation 3 GT and that the general public and experts will present already in March at the international Motor Show Geneva , where as editor certainly can not miss.

But let’s look at the new model pretty closely. On the technical side we have a typical representative of the Troika series, which, however, throughout the design borrows several elements characteristic of larger sibling labeled 5 GT . This is particularly powerful stern double trunk lid. This solution is practical, but also on himself drew the most criticism immediately after the BMW 5 GT put on sale in 2009. a variety of powertrains will faithfully reproduce a variety of three-fold will not miss xDrive all-wheel drive or the popular M package.

For myself I can only say here that the cars of the BMW always considered lithe and predatory pike that were very elegant and above all dynamic. This pseudokategorie evokes in me rather lazy carp wrapped unnecessary fat. Perhaps I BMW forgive this opinion.