BMW M3 owner who loves his racing link


Mark David from Los Angeles I do not even remember where the car has become an important part of his life. Built models, painted them, and wandered in the garage of his father, who knew how to repair cars. His father was apparently a Japanese car, but Mark fell in love with German cars. In 1987 he bought BMW 325iS and fell in love with BMW E30 permanently. But he knew that necessarily needs to live the top model – M3 . Could not be rusty, have glued the window must have low kilometers and be in original condition. Finally found the required piece in silver.

Even though this M3 seen for the first time, he knew it was the car of his dreams. Complete documentation, reasonable price and amazing status were clear arguments for purchase. Motor S14 is today excellent in normal operation and the chassis directly hungry for cornering. The car is well balanced and dampers work excellently. And the position behind the wheel he also conforms exactly. And it warms the soul sensation racing past models M3 E30 . After all, driving a car boasting the title of most victories gained in motorsport is just great. And finally there is the look – silver color brings out the shapes aerodynamic body kit and features.

Serial condition completely disrupt only sport springs H & R wheel M Tech II , the shift lever EPZ and grille from European versions. With all the car works perfectly on the circuit. Mark často hits the Buttonwillow , Cal Speedway or Willow Springs , where all day proyezd and enjoying your car. but also enjoying the current winding roads in the area.

Source: Petrolicious