BMW M3 E30


At a time when we are here in Czechoslovakia adjusted the carburetors on their “stodvacítkách” or better yet polished chromes on žigulících, not far from our borders, in Munich, BMW racing department began to give birth to something special, timeless and technically perfect. Competition on the racetrack that time (and it was mostly Mercedes) obviously also constantly improving and developing new and technically superior components, or even a new car. As well as BMW which to meet the conditions for homologation Group A, had to start serial production of its sports model, albeit limited to 5,000 pieces. BMW Motorsport is “rushed ‘into the already well turned-serial model, which was the BMW E30. Thus, it was the first BMW 3 Series M, respectively. BMW M3 E30. The year 1986 ..

Optically emtrojku can be easily distinguished, of course, comes from the coupe, but the body is reinforced and expanded. Another is the tendency of the rear glass (glass is glued to the series), trunk lid with “wings” (plastic), front and rear bumper spoiler and sills. In the interior we find sports seats (rear only two), steering wheel position and redundant analog ekonoměru the dashboard thermometer took oil. Interest is shifting, the leader in E30 M3 ranks as number two and number two as one.

The chassis has also seen dramatic changes, suspension arms are aluminum in hard mounts, bushings are mostly Pental series, ready for pětidírové drives are obviously strengthened brakes and the car stands on 15” wheels.

The first version (or evolution, as you want) is mounted inline four 2.3 liter 16 valve technology. This motor whose designation is S14 (more accurately S14B23) literally loves speed, which is due to a short stroke of the piston, a compression ratio of 10.5: 1, with two cams with four valves per cylinder, four separate throttle valves and of course the four-point fuel injection (Bosch ). Its potential value declared 147 kW (200 hp) at 6750 rpm, torque 241 Nm, and the limiter is set to 7300 rpm. Weighing 1237 kg, the maximum speed of 237 km / h and acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 6.9 seconds. The Lords of BMW Motorsport not only great nenaladili engine.

Experienced athletes and normal control value, driving emtrojky first speech as perhaps the most playful and best car classic concept at cornering a controlled skid. On the other hand, incredibly well kept clean track and limit is beautifully legible. It is very easy to use and the management gives a sense of full control over the car, steering is accurate despite the power may very well perceive what is happening under the wheels. The almost 25 year old car seemed lost none of his agility and speed, and can not efficiently seconded, but also beat some of today’s competitive “hot” models of its higher class. Although perhaps object that the line is now a lot faster cars, but the strength of M3 E30 is still in the balance of the whole and in the corners to be seen by its strength.

Emtrojka during production underwent several evolutions and changes. First established in 1988 version M3 catalyst KAT slightly degraded performance to 195 hp. It could pay extra for electronically adjustable shock absorber stiffness. In the same year there cabrio version, which is very rare, created just 786 pieces. Production lasted until 1991. M3 EVO enhanced version of the original emtrojky 220 hp (cam control, increasing compression ratio), the grabs and the catalyst (215 hp). Year 1990 meant several changes were mainly of the motor, the volume increased to 2467 cm 3 and output amounted to 238 horsepower (at 7000 rpm), the chassis has been lowered by 10 mm, and 16”kola it was possible to select two colors with sports lines bumpers (black x red and vice versa). Also versions were created outside the factory editors, random lots M3 where the original 2.3 l four-cylinder turbo implanted Garrett T4 (with the adjustment of the compression ratio), the filling pressure was 1 bar. The resulting performance came to an imposing 350 hp.

BMW M3 E30 is now a highly prized collector’s item that seems ageless. Timeless technology and excellent performance coupled with timeless classic shapes with EMKA works as an elixir of youth and connoisseurs became a cult. Even today on the circuit, or some “SS” definitely not, quite the contrary – draws the attention of experts, lay people and other drivers who see emtrojce on a back light (incidentally one of the few parts with other identical E30). To a large degree it also contributes to the fact that the automaker BMW has always been based, founded and will be based on precise processing and high quality materials. Not surprisingly, the originally proposed a series of 5000 pieces has grown up to 18,000 …

Photo: WorldCarFans, GermanCarFans