BMW M3 E30 – Sen on the coast and in the mountains


Like a lot of people, and Manuel Ferri could not buy the car of your dreams when he first saw. But even then in 1986, he promised to buy it. But find a suitable BMW M3 E30 Canary Islands It was not easy. Manuel then decided to look in the Germany , one day, packed up himself and his wife and set out to find and buy the perfect BMW M3 Cecotto Edition . A great one indeed eventually found and bought in Düsseldorf . It remained only to solve the papers and go back to the Spanish . And why nezpříjemnit trip through Bavaria , Switzerland and French Alps until you reach Pyrenees that? When the car boarded the ferry, they knew that this trip will not forget, it was such a second honeymoon. And Manuel became the proud owner of a civilian version of the homologation special for circuit races. Feedback loves the car and engine character S14 . A ride with him to the twisted roads of the island is just fantastic.

His love for BMW Manuel infected the whole family. Both his sons have BMW 3 Series generation E21. But mostly his heart beats for love road rockets Division M . And it’s not just M3 Cecotto because they more often carry with type E30 M3 Cabrio , which recently completed renovation. Weather on the islands had to purchase convertible inviting. You can enjoy to the full the salty sea air and the fresh breeze from the mountains and the bright glare of the sun.

Source: Petrolicious