BMW M3 E30 – Queen of the garage


Yan Wei Phin from Malaysia says his car Ratu Garaj . That means the “Queen of the garage.” Yan was a fan BMW since childhood and growing up, he promised that it will always work hard to be able to buy the best thing ever Munich produced. And even an unfortunate accident on a motorcycle with a car just BMW when he woke up in the hospital with a broken leg, destroyed his determination. Yan is now only 30 years old and already has his second BMW so you can see that working really hard. Originally drove 318i generation E36 , but then sold it and bought M3 generation E30 . The right and the original M3 with an iconic legend status DTM and travel vozů.A addition, the tags Division M you just have to love because it symbolized perfectly functional technical convenience. For example, large fenders are able to accommodate larger and wider wheels. In addition, all parts of which are M3 differs from the usual troika improve the aerodynamics of the whole car. A car that has a more powerful engine and improved well management. When buying this should M3 to a perfect state far so Yana waited demanding restoration to the car looked like in the photos. He managed, but now the car does not get out very often in order to maintain its excellent condition. Hence the nickname – the queen of the garage.

Source: Petrolicious