BMW is launching a new plug-in hybrid


Offer plug-in hybrids BMW edrive today make, not counting models i3 and i8, X5 SUV xDrive40e href=””> limousine 330e , in both cases, combining an electric motor with a petrol four-cylinder. In many ways revolutionary MPV 2 Series Active Tourer will be the third Munich’s contribution to the category “cars into the socket,” but with a slightly different drive train.

Electric is coupled with a two-stage gearbox and a steering mechanism located on the rear axle, wherein the rear wheels 88 sends hp and 165 Nm. Classic engine is the first time in the plug-in hybrid BMW stored front transverse , in addition to a turbocharged petrol three-cylinder 5.1 TwinPower Turbo , an output of 136 hp with a torque of 220 Nm, the force transmitted to the front wheels automatic transmission. The front axle is positioned further to additional high voltage generator . It performs three different tasks – when starting the short term supplies the engine extra power to 21 hp and about 150 Nm while driving generates electricity (which is channeled directly to the battery), and due to higher performance compared with traditional starters enables smoother starting and stopping the engine .

When using both engines simultaneously the result of the same AWD system as the sport coupe I8 (for which the technology was developed primarily edrive), including cooperation with the stabilization system DSC. BMW says that at 100 km / h is still a prototype gets under 6.5 seconds, while combined fuel consumption is only 2 l / 100 km . Pure electric range of 38 kilometers. As with the plug-in hybrid X5 will be used herein to selector edrive with the Auto edrive (both motors operate together) Max edrive (Active Tourer goes purely electric) and Save Battery (conservation of energy or charge battery by recuperation). From the classic version of the MPV comes second selector driving modes Experience Control , which works in combination with all the above mentioned modes and mode Comfort, Sport and Eco Pro.

Source: BMW