BMW is a series plug-in hybrid 225x


Plug-in hybrid technology edrive BMW originally designed for a pair i3 and the i8. These two pioneers of the German manufacturers certify, so a combination of gasoline engine and electric motor gradually spread to more mainstream models. After X5 xDrive40e arrived sedan 330e and limuzína 740e . The latest ‘car into the wall outlet’ s blue and white propeller is compact MPV 225X , based on the model of Active Tourer, which will premier in less than two weeks.

Electric , together with the speed gearbox control electronics and positioned over the rear axle, wherein the rear wheels 88 sends hp and 165 Nm. Under the rear seats, which are 30 mm higher than normal, it is placed a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 7.7 kWh. Classic internal combustion engine is the first time in the plug-in hybrid BMW stored front transverse , in addition to a turbocharged petrol three-cylinder 5.1 TwinPower Turbo , an output of 136 hp with a torque of 220 Nm, which power transmitted to the front wheels automatic transmission. The front axle is also well positioned extra high voltage starter-generator . It has four different tasks – when starting temporarily supplying the internal combustion engine extra horsepower to 21 horsepower and about 150 nm, drive generates electrical energy (which is channeled directly to the battery) is connected during driving the internal combustion engine to the electric and due to the higher performance in comparison classic starters enables smoother starting and stopping the engine.

When using both engines simultaneously the result of the same AWD system as the sport coupe i8, including cooperation with the stabilization system DSC with a maximum output of 224 hp and a torque of 385 Nm. BMW states that in combined operation MPV gets to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds and can scoot speeds up to 202 km / h, wherein the combined consumption is only 2.0 to 2.1 l / 100 km < / strong>. Pure electric range of 41 kilometers but the maximum speed must not exceed 125 km / h. Like other plug-in hybrids marks will be used here selector edrive with the Auto edrive (up to 80 km / h only operates electric motor, after exceeding this value operate both motors together), Max edrive (assets Tourer runs purely on electricity) and Save Battery (energy conservation and recharge the batteries through recuperation). From the classic version of the MPV comes second selector driving modes Experience Control , which works in combination with all the above mentioned modes and mode Comfort, Sport and Eco Pro.

Lithium-ion battery can be recharge in two hours and 15 minutes using the charger BMW i Wallbox (charging power: 3.7 kW). Alternatively 225X recharged in three hours and 15 minutes of normal household socket using the supplied standard charging cable. Charging Services BMW 360 Electric allow you to charge the high-voltage battery on the go. ChargeNow service opens access to the largest set of public charging stations in the world (more than 30,000 charging points in 22 countries), ConnectedDrive application locates these places.

The basic price in Germany was set at 37,800 euros (about 1.022 million dollars).

Source: BMW