BMW 635 CSi – classic series 6 still thrill


Camilo Delay from California was petrolhead since childhood. And he knew that his first car certainly will not be boring. He chose BMW 635 CSi generation E24 and one nice appeared in advertising for 1,750 US dollars. The metallic color Delphin five-speed manual gearbox, leather seats and sport dampers Bilstein springs H & R . Navi motor exchanged for M30B35 type of 735i 1992. Although the car had traveled 320,000 miles, but barely half the engine.

On his car Camilo loves how it looks annoyed a bow. The inclination angle like a shark’s nose looks simply sensational, even after all these years, which has BMW behind. Most often, you can see that six of the coastal road around the San Francisco , where high speed chases. Camilo loves Highway 1, because there is the fullest manifestation engine performance. Yet sitting in the car and twisted roads in the mountains.

Source: Petrolicious