BMW 3.0 CS – old line 6 still shines


Thirty years before the Doug Churchill from Canada became the happy owner of your BMW , saw a beautiful blndýnku BMW CS . It decided about which car you once taken. In 2003, then crashed to the page where the owner renovated and regulate other BMW CS, and became a regular avid reader. When he was a year later, a car for sale, Doug did not hesitate and type CS 3.0 series E9 1973 immediately bought. The car drove home for the summer 1450 km semi-slicks, though in Canada by then it was snow in many places. It took 36 hours, but eventually arrived home safely. Only at the corner of his street, his car slipped and flew into the bushes, but there is fortunately not damaged.

The car is in great condition and decently treated, so Doug has an immense pleasure on long trips into the mountains near or long trips to the coast, which makes at least once a year. The best experiences you took a route that started at Alberta in the national park Waterton and led to the West Glacier Montana . On the way passed Chief Mountain national park Glacier , Logan Pass and Sun Road . All in the second half of September, when the roads are practically empty.

When it’s not vyjížďková season and grass Doug his time in the garage. Changing and renovating worn parts and treats paint. It’s part of a great feeling of owning a car dreams. And whenever turn on the radio, I marvel and represents more trips, which take their BMW even more.

Source: Petrolicious