Bentley says its first production SUV


One of the more unexpected news Frankfurt’s exhibition Bentley Bentayga , the first (well, maybe a little second ) SUV British manufacturer. Contrary to the concept of EXP 9 F has far less controversial design, but especially offers a level of luxury in the large SUV segment previously unseen.

Two years ago, he presented the concept met with quite negative reactions, ie primarily on the design front. Designers have worked so properly and the result is a much sleeker shapes , more corresponding with other brand models. Evident is the inspiration Continental series models, particularly in the illustrated body paint. The headlights are completely composed of LEDs . The rear lights in a chrome frame is now more similar to the original concept, more interesting, however, is rather simple and visual “purity” of the rear lots, a large oval exhaust terminals to mention. Although it from the photos may not look Bentayga has in length 5141 mm , width 1998 mm, height 1742 mm and between axles 2992 mm, which ranks at the top of its category, and together with the forthcoming Mercedes GLS BMW X7 and create a separate chapter ultraluxusních SUV.

If someone is advisable to talk about ultraluxusním SUV, then it is in the interior. It is completely leather upholstery and hand-inlaid wood , while you can choose from four or five seats (each trunk can hold 430 liters). In both cases, the front seat electrically adjustable in 22 directions get massager, heating and ventilation in the case of four-seat configuration, the rear electrically adjustable in 18 directions and have a massage function, heating and ventilation. Among them is the center console with cup holders and USB ports. Multimedia system with osmipalcovou touchscreen has 60 GB hard disk, while the rear passengers are prepared two tablets with the size of 10.2 inches and internet access via Wi-Fi and 4G network. Bentley will offer Three audio systems including 18reproduktorové apparatus Naim with 1950 watts power. A sufficient supply of light takes two-part panoramic roof, which is possibly covered by an electrically operated roller cover. If any of the customers want more, then there is program Mulliner with ninety new paint body, fifteen types of rugs, seven handmade designs wood veneer, fifteen decorative strips and several types of alloy wheels in sizes 20, 21 or 22 inches (twenty are standard).

Aluminum body, whose weight is about 236 kg less in comparison with a steel body, stands on the modified platform MLB-Evo . The front axle is a four double wishbone, rear multilink suspension has a place. A welcome comfort feature is the air suspension. Under the hood is not only six-liter twelve on the performance of 608 hp between 5250 to 6000 rpm with a torque of 900 Nm between 1250-4500 rpm, which makes the Bentayga most powerful SUV on world . As well as the first car in its segment surpassed the one kilometer limit of 300 km / h, in addition to a hundred finds himself under 4.1 seconds. When curb weight 2422 kg truly impressive performance. Despite eight stage automatic ZF, central Torsen differential and a rear differential are open permanently driving all wheels . Although the dynamics of breathtaking car, the average consumption of 12.8 liters / 100 km, not so much pleased.

Part of the equipment is in addition to many security assistants (adaptive cruise control, night vision, reading road signs, parking assist) also System Drive Dynamics Mode surcharge comes to change the system Responsive Off-Road Setting < / strong> with eight selectable modes, adjusting the car setup for any weather situation.

Source: Bentley