Austin Mini 1000 – Adjusted Cooper can also race


The Greek Athens can meet a lot of interesting cars, but if you’re lucky, you go around Michalis Kritikos . Easily recognize it because it will drive a red Mini Cooper, or more precisely Austin Mini 1000 in 1979. He is the son of Greek athletes, who during his career worked in a variety of cars. And after his father inherited a great love for cars. Cars Mini has Michalis very happy, this is already his fifth. He bought it with the intention to complete the conversion. The car was in perfect condition with no rust and without any modifications, so it gets bought, but decided to partially preserve the original state because he loves the classic look, history, management, and sound. Nevertheless, slight modifications were carried out. Under the hood is moved from the 1.3 engine model Metro carburetor HIF44. Dampers are in accordance with the rules of racing cars and the spring Spax 50th Anniversary Paddy Hopkins. Under thirteen-light chrome wheels with tires Pirelli P5000 are four-piston calipers. Exhaust is again in compliance with the regulations for racing group N. The interior has a number of parts from Isotta , for example Katiena leather steering wheel and shift knob GP1. The appearance improved extensions fenders of the type Cooper S. The reconstruction was completed in 2007 and since then Michalis regularly competes at local competitions, which takes on particular vehicles Volkswagen Beetle . Mini Michalis loves her, because over the years to know his every component and because chrome wheels and white leather interior impressed him something of himself.

Source: Petrolicious