Audi S8 – A horrific looking accident with a happy ending

Sometimes even luxurious cars, whose drivers obviously overestimated their abilities, become involved in traffic accidents. Now we have another case of a horrific-looking accident, where the elderly, but still quite powerful, Audi S8 became the main actor.

The incident took place in Belgium near the border with the Netherlands. As can be seen from the images, the Audi S8 had to be driven along the city road at great speed. A Polish driver was behind the wheel of the car, who drove off the road and literally split his S8 in half against one of the nearby trees.

The Audi S8 was torn in the middle due to the impact. The back of the car ended up on the road, while the rest of the front flew tens of meters away into the wall of a nearby house. Anyone who thinks that this accident must have been fatal for the driver will be very surprised. After the incident, the driver ended up with only minor scratches and shock.

This accident proved that the old Audi S8 is not indestructible despite its solid construction. There is only speculation about the speed that the car reached at the time of the impact. However, unofficial sources speak of a speed exceeding 100 km/h. Anyway, the Polish driver was born again and this accident definitely taught him a lesson.