Alpine A310 – Edgy athlete


Jean-Baptiste Auvray bought my Alpine A310 in 2008. After this sports car had been wanted as a little boy. According to him, it is one of the best looking cars that suggested Michel Beligond . And look for Jean-Baptiste main reason for the engine and its location it is just a bonus. He loves design so much that even if he could not afford a nice ALPINE bought would have an immobile specimen to him could only watch.

Jean-Baptiste had originally sought specimen gray with red leather interior. But then he met a piece that you see in the pictures, and felt him talking car. Eventually he decided that he does not buy that, so now he can not find any. Suddenly Alpine moved to the garage and returned him gradually to its original luster. The car has only traveled 34,000 km and its owner is able to indulge in a lot of joy out of driving. He travels with him only on relaxing rides and it does not bother sharp ride. But it can also take to the roads in the Alps mountain Jura on the Swiss border. If ever you come there, if you are lucky you will meet.

Source: Petrolicious