Alpine A110 and A310 – National Treasure


To the southwest, Paris see Vallée de Chevreuse – quiet a bit full of forests with spectacular winding roads. They drive here even phase T our de France . And here recently before the lens of photographer from Petrolicious chased Jean-Pascal with its completely refurbished Alpine A110 Eric with its four-cylinder A310 .

Jean-Pascal your A110 bought in 1988 at the age of seventeen as his first car. He wanted her to have had as a teenager. It is a model 1300 1971 with motor Gordini . Small but powerful car that boasts the rally history. Eventually, he stopped but suffice it good, but not perfect look. In 1995 and began a thorough renovation, which lasted until 2004. Not a single piece did not go unnoticed. And today has such a car that quite matches his dreams.

Eric A310 first saw on the front page Auto Journal in June 1976. He belonged to his uncle, the great car enthusiasts. About 36 years later, finally the time has come to buy a classic car, remembering his childhood dream. His son began to look for a suitable piece, until he came to one made in June 1976. circle. The car was, except for the interior in good condition, but unfortunately repainting red. With the help of experts, however, he decided to return Eric’s glory. In 2012, hungry and since then your A310 uses only.

Source: Petrolicious