Alfa Romeo Spider – love life


Bas Vernooij , a student from Nottingham custom classic Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 1988 in a beautiful red Alfa Rosso . You say that the name does not sound much English? You’re right, Bas comes from Rotterdam . And we write about it, because my car really loves and keeps it in excellent condition, although the model called “mac” is not among the most popular. Even though other buffers hide the original curve of the car in 1967. The Spider is perfectly manageable in the corners and can even drift in inclement weather. And, as the shift lever protruding from the gear you’ll love too. The car was designed for people who would rather have fun behind the wheel, rather than just transporting from one destination to another. And although not perfect, suffers from corrosion and leaking roof in a little, she would not trade it for anything Bas world. Even the sound of twin carburetors Solex would have missed him.

Love for Alfa Bas flared even as a little boy. When it came time to purchase the first car, he knew that he could not buy another. Sports Spider have for years kept its classic curve and rear-wheel drive. A horse with him always sweetened wavy paths across Europe. Moreover man in a convertible feels more tied to nature. Particularly on winding roads where you can not go full speed.

Source: Petrolicious